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Couple terrified after attempt to sell PlayStation on Marketplace gets out of hand

Couple terrified after attempt to sell PlayStation on Marketplace gets out of hand

The transaction took a dramatic turn

A couple attempting to flog a Sony Playstation ended up having a terrifying experience after a bloke who turned up to buy it began hurling threats.

Mariah Smith, from Melbourne in Australia, took to TikTok to share the story, saying it all started when her boyfriend Sam decided to sell his old Playstation and some games on Facebook Marketplace for $150 (£80).

Warning: contains strong language.

Mariah explained: “Sam was selling his PlayStation, all his games and everything, for $150. I don't know much about PlayStations but the stuff there right now is probably worth like a grand.

“Two games are probably worth $150.”

As anyone who sold something online can tell you, it’s pretty much par for the course that potential buyers will attempt to haggle on the price - and that’s what this one potential buyer did, offering $120 (£64).

However, Sam politely declined the offer after which the man responded to say he’d pay the full asking price.

Mariah Smith and her partner Sam had a scary experience after trying to sell a Playstation online.

Mariah said: “Sam said, 'yep, at $150'. He confirmed it twice and also said a lot of people are interested in it.”

So, with the price agreed upon, Sam made plans with the buyer to come to his home to pick up the console.

But when he got talking to the man, he insisted that he was only going to pay $120 and claimed that’s what the pair had agreed - after it became clear Sam wasn’t going to hand over the Playstation for $120, the bloke accused him of being a time waster.

“We got everything ready, we made sure we were home at that time,” she added.

“Honestly, Marketplace is f***ing crazy and I'm so glad we live in an apartment complex.”

The would-be buyer turned nasty after arriving at their home.

And the drama didn’t end there - as Sam crossed over the road to head back to their apartment, the would-be buyer became angry and started hurling abuse at Sam.

Mariah said: “The guy was yelling out 'go back to f***ing England, come back here and I'll f***ing bash your head in!’

“I'm sorry you were mad at yourself because you f***ed up, because you didn't read the messages properly. Or were you just trying to scam us?”

Mariah said that the incident left her feeling shook up and the couple were concerned that the man would hang around outside their apartment.

Facebook Marketplace advises against giving your home address out to buyers and tells sellers and buyers to arrange a meeting in ‘a public, well-lit area and letting a trusted friend or family member know where you're headed’.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mariahbellesmith

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