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Boeing Pilot has chilling theory about final resting place of MH370 after studying flight logs

Boeing Pilot has chilling theory about final resting place of MH370 after studying flight logs

He believes the clues to what happened to the plane are in the flight logs

A Boeing 777 pilot has claimed to have a theory about what happened to the disappeared MH370 flight.

It's been over a decade since the aircraft took off and disappeared with 239 people on board.

All have since been presumed dead, but only small amounts of debris from the plane have been recovered and the exact spot the plane went down has not yet been located.

Shortly before contact was lost with the plane, it was seen diverting westward away from the flight plan to Beijing.

Efforts to uncover new evidence and build up a picture of what really happened are ongoing more than 10 years later.

Boeing 777 pilot Simon Hardy has his own theory about what happened on that fateful flight, and believes the clues were hidden in plain sight in the flight documents.

It has now been more than 10 years since MH370 disappeared.
Supian Ahmad/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Speaking to The Sun, he claimed that it was an 'incredible coincidence' that just before the plane vanished an engineer said 'nil noted', meaning no oxygen added and then someone else said it was low.

He said: "It's an incredible coincidence that just before this aircraft disappears forever, one of the last things that was done as the engineer says nil noted, then someone else gets on onboard and says it's a bit low.

"Well it's not really low at all... it's a strange coincidence that the last engineering task that was done before it headed off to oblivion was topping up crew oxygen which is only for the cockpit, not for the cabin crew."

He theorised that with only oxygen for the cockpit topped up, the passengers and crew in the back of the plane would have fallen unconscious and died when the cabin was depressurised.

Some debris has been recovered but the spot the plane went down is still not found.
Adli Ghazali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The Boeing 777 pilot claims this would have let the MH370 pilot act without interruption.

Hardy says that the plane's logs show the addition of extra fuel and oxygen, and alleged that this pointed towards the suggestion that the plane's pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah crashed the plane on purpose.

In 2015, Hardy had been invited to join the search efforts for the plane but his calculations put his suggestion for the MH370 crash site outside the search area.

The final confirmed communication from the flight was a brief exchange with a radio controller who said: "Malaysia three-seven-zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120.9, good night.”

A male voice from the cockpit of the plane replies: “Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero.”

That's the last anyone heard of MH370.

Featured Image Credit: Richard Wainwright - Pool/Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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