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'Spectacular' display caused after car crashes into lorry carrying over £80,000 worth of fireworks

'Spectacular' display caused after car crashes into lorry carrying over £80,000 worth of fireworks

It was the world's most stunningly beautiful car crash

One of the most spectacular firework displays ever produced was sparked last week after a car crash featuring about £80,000 worth of fireworks.

On the night of Thursday 26 October a car crashed into a truck which had been towing a trailer that was stuffed to the brim with fireworks.

The car crash occurred on the Trans-Canada highway at about 10pm local time, according to CBC, and triggered a fireworks display which lasted for about an hour.

Motorists were treated to a spectacular show of light and sound above the road, though the highway was closed until the explosions stopped.

Fortunately the drivers of both vehicles were able to get away from the lightshow relatively unhurt.

It really is a spectacular display.

Nobody was seriously injured in the hour-long explosion, with one person being taken to hospital for minor injuries.

While some might not have appreciated the delays to their journey those who were able to witness the fireworks display sparked off by the car crash found it beautiful.

Police said the aftermath of the car crash was 'quite the display to passerby motorists', while driver Ryan Kuhn told CBC it was 'the best fireworks show I'll ever see'.

He explained that he drove around a corner only to lay his eyes on 'a raging inferno of fireworks' which was causing 'mayhem' with the burning trailer full of rockets going off.

Many of the drivers who were stuck on the road ended up filming the wonderous display and posting the results onto social media for all to enjoy.

"Hey boss, about that truck full of fireworks you asked me to bring. Funny story..."

The results truly were a stunning sight to behold with a near continuous barrage of fireworks flying out of the burning trailer for everyone to see.

Think of pretty much any firework display you've ever seen and know that they all pale in comparison to this one, pretty much no other display could match the sustained barrage of vivid lights and booms.

On the other hand, you've really got to feel sorry for the pickup truck driver who has to explain what happened to the trailer-load of fireworks they'd been transporting since presumably someone at the other end of their journey was expecting to get them.

That's got to be quite a tale to tell for the driver and if they're at a loss for words there are at least plenty of videos to show that they really did lose the entire stock in a freakishly unlucky car crash.

Featured Image Credit: X/@‌rawsalerts

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