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Dad whose wife and children were on board MH370 claims flight was being tracked as it vanished

Dad whose wife and children were on board MH370 claims flight was being tracked as it vanished

Ghyslain Wattrelos lost his wife and two children as a result of the 2014 tragedy.

A dad whose wife and children were on board the MH370 flight has claimed the aircraft was being tracked as it vanished.

On 8 March, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing.

The MH370 flight took off from Kuala Lumpar for Beijing, China with 239 passengers and members of crew on board.

Hours into the flight, radars were left unable to locate the plane and it was never seen again.

As a result of the tragedy, many families have been impacted - with many speaking out in the years since.

The incident has come back to the forefront this year as a result of the Netflix docuseries about the ‘plane that disappeared’.

Business executive Ghyslain Wattrelos was one of those to be devastated by the 2014 event, losing his wife Laurence, 51, son Hadrien, 17, and daughter Ambre, 13.

Wattrelos' wife Laurence, 51, son Hadrien, 17, daughter Ambre, 13.

Wattrelos had flown from Paris to Beijing at the same time to meet his family.

But after he embarked from his long haul flight, Wattrelos was met by French diplomats who told him the flight his family were on was missing.

Since then, the dad has not had many answers, saying on the new Netflix series he 'cannot accept' that the plane just disappeared.

Over nine years on from the tragedy, Wattrelos is still working 'every day, every week' in the hope of finding answers for himself and his surviving son, Alex.

Wattrelos claims he was approached by someone who dubbed himself as 'Mr B' in the first year of the investigation.

This anonymous man is said to be someone in the intelligence community who provided some rather interesting claims.

Speaking on the Netflix show, Wattrelos said: "Someone I knew told me, 'Mr B would like to meet you. This person has information. He's someone who is very connected, connected to the secret services'.

"The first thing he told me was, 'The Americans know full well what happened, because there were two American AWACS that were monitoring the area at the time the plane disappeared'.

"These AWACS are Boeing planes with a huge radar like a mushroom on top. And this radar basically monitors everything underneath the Boeing.

"It's like a small satellite above the earth that sees everything that's happening in a 600km radius."

MH370 went missing in 2014.
nanasafiana/Getty Images

He added: "Mr B said these two planes must have perfectly tracked the MH370, regardless of its state at any moment.

"They know where it crashed. They know where it is.

"Why believe the official story when they're withholding essential pieces of evidence?"

Since 2014, nineteen pieces of wreckage from flight MH370 have been found, however formal investigations led by Australia and Malaysia have failed to provide answers as to what happened.

Featured Image Credit: Pacific Press / LightRocket via Getty Images / Netflix

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