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Dubai millionaire's wife shares 'rules' set by her husband that she has to follow

Dubai millionaire's wife shares 'rules' set by her husband that she has to follow

Sofia Kralow spilled the beans on TikTok

Most relationships involve several unspoken ground rules, usually regarding respect, boundaries and affection.

But this woman claims she has a very unusual set of 'orders' to follow from her husband, which would probably make the majority of women pass out.

Sofia Kralow loves to share snippets of her affluent lifestyle on social media, as well as her secrets to keeping her man happy and her marriage on track.

The fact that her fella, Thomas Kralow, is a filthy rich trader and hedge fund manager obviously helps with this quite a lot, as she is used to a certain standard and isn't shy about sharing it with the rest of the world.

She reckons that other women need to 'raise their standards' as she would 'never date broke men', hence how she landed herself a bloke who is simply rolling in it and taking her from A to B on private jets.

Sofia, who describes herself as a 'businesswoman and female coach who owns a million-dollar perfume empire', has acquired quite a few fans online who have started to follow their relationship quite intently.

Sofia and Thomas share snippets of their lavish lifestyle online.

People are always asking her questions about where they can find their own Thomas, what life is like as the spouse of a Dubai millionaire and how she is treated by him.

The content creator is more than happy to divulge the details of how her marriage works online, while also taking the opportunity to flaunt a few of their dates at luxury restaurants and her latest lavish purchases in her videos.

In a recent TikTok clip, Sofia revealed the 'rules' her husband wants her to follow throughout their marriage, while jokingly adding: "Sometimes it feels nice to live by some rules."

She revealed what rules her millionaire husband sets for her.

She explained that Thomas insists she must 'never cook or clean' as their maids can tidy up after them as well as whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Her husband is also said to have forbidden her from 'driving by herself', with Sofia explaining that only a professional driver or Thomas himself can whip her around.

As well as this, Sofia says that she 'can only use his credit cards', which I'm sure is a huge struggle for her. Not.

And lastly, Thomas doesn't want his wife to exert herself while she's getting ready - so 'only professionals' are allowed to do her makeup.

When it comes to rules like that, who would want to break them?

Social media users were left stunned by Thomas' set of rules, with one commenting: "Lucky lady."

Another person wrote: "Love that for you!!!"

And a third added: "I want it to."

In an Instagram post shared last month, Thomas told blokes they need to take a leaf out of his book instead of expecting their other halves to 'cook, clean, do dishes, do grocery shopping, take care of laundry and pick up the mans crap'.

He wrote in the caption: "F**k no. For all this basic bs you need a maid, not a wife. Your wife must be your soul mate, your love, your support, your energy source, your passion, your 'wildest desire', your better half! And these things have ZERO in-common with the first list. Get your priorities straight!"

You heard him, lads!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/sofiakralow/thomaskralow

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