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Japan Airlines plane with 367 passengers onboard erupts in flames

Japan Airlines plane with 367 passengers onboard erupts in flames

All passengers are now believed to be safe

A Japan Airlines plane burst into flames on the runway of Tokyo's Haneda Airport with hundreds of passengers on board.

JAL flight 516 had flown from New Chitose airport, Japan, to Haneda and local news footage showed it erupting in flames while it moved down the runway.

Local media reported that all passengers were able to safely disembark the plane, with Japan Airlines saying that all passengers and crew on board the flight were evacuated.

The airline has said that 367 passengers and 12 crew members were safely evacuated from the burning plane, with passengers using the aircraft's inflatable slides to get onto the runway.

Emergency services rushed to the site of the burning plane, with fire crews racing to tackle the blaze and get the flames under control.

A spokesperson for Japan's coast guard confirmed that the passenger plane collided with one of their aircraft, which had been due to fly to Niigata to provide earthquake relief.

Japan was recently struck by a powerful earthquake which left at least 48 people dead and rescue efforts continue.

How the two aircraft collided will be subject to an investigation, the pilot of the coast guard's plane was able to evacuate and contact officials but there were five other people on board the aircraft.

The Kyodo news agency has reported that the other five have been found according to the Tokyo fire department, but that their current condition is unknown.

All flights from Haneda Airport have been suspended for the time being in the wake of the fire which engulfed the aircraft.

The plane was on fire on the runway, though all on board were able to evacuate.
STR/JIJI PRESS/AFP via Getty Images

Footage from the airport appears to show that the passenger plane eventually broke in two due to the fire.

Some of the passengers on board the plane were able to film what conditions were like inside, with smoke hampering visibility and the flames visible when looking out of the plane's windows.

Footage of the fire indicated that the blaze began on the plane's left wing, with subsequent footage and pictures showing that it has since spread to the entire aircraft.

Despite efforts from the fire crews to tackle the blaze the Japan Airlines Airbus A350 has been overwhelmed by the flames.

Fortunately all passengers and crew aboard that plane were able to escape onto the runway and run to safety.

While the captain of the smaller coast guard aircraft was able to make it to safety hopes now turn towards the wellbeing of the five passengers who had been on board the plane at the time of the collision.

Featured Image Credit: X /@alto_maple

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