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Italian winemaker dies after falling into vat of prosecco while trying to rescue colleague

Italian winemaker dies after falling into vat of prosecco while trying to rescue colleague

Marco Bettolini died while trying to help his colleague at a winery

A winemaker died after falling into a vat of prosecco.

Marco Bettolini, from Treviso, Italy, was doing some maintenance work at the Ca’ di Rajo winery when he noticed that his colleague, Alberto Pin, had fallen ill on 14 September.

The 46-year-old then raced into the tank to check whether his friend was okay.

However, while making his way inside, Mr Bettolini fell over and smacked his head, falling to the bottom of the vat, where there was still some wine.

It's not clear as yet whether he had fallen ill from the fermentation fumes in the winery or tripped over.

Mr Pin was taken to hospital following the incident, where he was placed in an induced coma.

Sadly, however, Mr Bettolini died.

Marco Bettolini died while trying to care for an ill co-worker.

Following news of his death, Simone Cecchetto, the owner of the winery, paid tribute to Mr Bettolini.

He said: "We are overwhelmed by grief – for us, they are two brothers, two sons.

"My thoughts go only to these two boys who grew up with us and their families. We pray that the boy who was injured recovers as soon as possible."

Speaking to La Repubblica, a colleague also said: “He was a great worker, a very generous and reserved person."

Fellow co-worker Andrea Zanella added: “Alberto and Marco are two brothers for me and for all of us, this is a family for us.

“We have become close in pain and we are close to the families of Marco and Alberto. We ask for respect for our immense pain. We only hope that Alberto can return to us soon. Marco is a hero for us.”

An investigation has now been launched into the circumstances surrounding the tragic turn of events.

The pair were working on a vat containing prosecco when the tragedy happened.

According to Chief Prosecutor Marco Martani, it's thought that 'no one should have entered that autoclave'.

He claimed that a third party should have been called in to deal with the malfunction, wearing special protective masks - which neither Mr Bettolini nor Mr Pin was at the time.

An autopsy is due to be carried out to determine whether Mr Bettolini died as a result of asphyxiation or drowning.

Reports state investigators plan to confiscate the vats.

Mr Martani said: "From the information gathered so far by the judicial police, no one should have entered that autoclave, as the maintenance work is entrusted to a specialised external company equipped with masks and systems that would have prevented the risk of gas poisoning.

"From an investigative point of view it is important to delve into the reason why the two employees entered the tank."

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Featured Image Credit: LinkedIn/@Marco Bettollini/VINCENZO PINTO/AFP via Getty Images