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Friends of man who recorded ‘final moments’ during shark attack halt GoFundMe donations

Friends of man who recorded ‘final moments’ during shark attack halt GoFundMe donations

The 20-year-old student was mauled by a 'monster' in Australia

The friends of a man who recorded his ‘final moments’ during a shark attack have halted donations to their GoFundMe page.

Italian student Matteo Mariotti was attacked by a shark off the 1770 Beach in Queensland, Australia, last week (8 December).

The 20-year-old recorded the attack while he cried to his friends: “I beg you to help me.”

In what Matteo thought were his ‘final moments’, the shark tore off his right leg.

He later explained on Instagram: “I started this video a few moments after the last bite, I wanted to say goodbye, I never thought I’d survive that monster.”

You can watch the shocking footage here:

Friends of Matteo organised a GoFundMe for the lad who undertook a trip Down Under last year ‘to study and work’.

As per a translation, they wrote: “The deep wounds he suffered irreparably led to the amputation of his leg, below the knee. Matteo will need support and very expensive medical care to get back to living his best life as a twenty-year-old, and we are determined to do our utmost to help him. This is why we ask all of you, in your own small way, to help us raise as much money as possible to give the best possible solution to this boy.

“The collection is in favor of Giovanna Mariotti, Matteo's paternal aunt, who is currently joining him in Australia together with his father Michele Mariotti.”

Matteo Mariotti filmed what he thought were his 'final moments'.

As of today (15 December), the page has raised over €61,000 (£52,400) from almost 1,600 donations.

However, on 13 December, the friends issued an update, sharing they would be halting donations.

“Michele's father and aunt Giovanna (beneficiary) have just arrived in Australia. The result obtained in just two days is important,” it reads.

“We have now suspended donations until we know with certainty what the insurance he had taken out in Italy will cover and what the actual health needs are.

“We thank those who have supported the initiative promoted by the kids from Matteo's town so far.”

His friends set up a GoFundMe page.

Matteo was snorkelling just off the coast when he came into contact with the shark and was left swimming in a pool of his own blood.

If it wasn’t for his snorkelling fin getting stuck in the 'monster’s' mouth, the marine biology student reckons he would have died.

Matteo was taken to Metro North Hospital and Health Service in Brisbane, where he is now recovering.

Martin Kelly, a senior operations supervisor with the Queensland Ambulance Service, told NBC News: "When you get this type of injury that severe, often people do pass away.

“There are places you just need to be careful [as] you’re in their environment and you need to respect this fact."

Featured Image Credit: @matteo_mariotti__/Instagram

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