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World's most remote post office that hires yearly has job description involving penguin counting

World's most remote post office that hires yearly has job description involving penguin counting

The unique job received hundreds of applications from people that were eager to land the fascinating role

The world's most remote post office that hires yearly has a unique job description to go along with a highly coveted role.

Hundreds of people from all over the world quickly applied to the roles based in one of the most secluded places in the world.

Located at Port Lockroy in the continent of Antarctica, the 'Penguin Post Office', as it has been affectionately dubbed, is an almost 80-year-old British-owned building on Goudier Island, which is roughly the size of a football pitch.

The 'Penguin Post Office' is located in Port Lockroy in the continent of Antarctica.

It is populated with hundreds of penguins and doubles as a museum, managed by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

According to The Washington Post, the British charity hires four postmasters to work and live on the island from November to March each year, where one of the key specifications of the job is the ability to count penguins.

They are also responsible for monitoring wildlife and environmental data collection.

Though the charity also warns applicants that this is not a comfortable or flashy job, and requires you to share a lodge with three others with no running water, internet or phone service while sleeping in bunk beds.

One of the key specifications of the job is the ability to count penguins.
Getty/Alison Wright

Camilla Nichol, Chief Executive of the trust, highlighted: "Living there is quite hard work.

"You might be working 12-hour days. There's not much time for rest and relaxation."

The jobs are still sought-after, with one year reportedly receiving 2,500 applications.

Nichol explained: "We get people of all ages from all over the world," adding that people 'from all walks of life' apply for the positions.

"We are looking for people who are fit and resilient and really love meeting people and visitors."

The roles available are base leader shop manager and two general assistants, and they must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

Would you want to work here?
Getty/Vishal Sharma

Lucy Dorman, a base leader at Port Lockroy during the 2019-2020 season spoke about how challenging the role is, noting: "There's a lot of carrying things around."

She explained that staff would have to move 'boxes, buckets and jerrycans through the snow or over slippery rocks most days'.

Dorman also said that it took 'a lot of time brushing penguin poop off rocks'.

She emphasised: "The most important thing is to pick people who will get along."

Nichol agreed with her, continuing: "You've got to get along because you can't get away from each other very easily. We're looking for a team; four people who can live and work together."

Tracking the penguin presence on the island is a plus for Dorman, even though 'most people are probably not so aware of how smelly they are'.

Overall, Nichol concludes by saying that the experience offers 'a different perspective on the world and a new perspective on your role in the planet. You can watch the sun go down and hear the glacier ice melting. It's an extraordinary place'.

Unfortunately, applications for this year have shut but make sure to keep an eye on the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust's website for details on how to apply next year.

Featured Image Credit: Siempreverde22/Getty Images/DeAgostini/Getty Images

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