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Bizarre case of 'non-human alien corpses' has been solved

Bizarre case of 'non-human alien corpses' has been solved

The 'mummified aliens' turned up mysteriously last October

The mystery surrounding the ‘alien mummies’ that were found in Peru last October has been solved.

There’s been a fair few alleged extraterrestrial encounters hitting headlines in recent weeks, earlier this month there was a bizarre conspiracy theory online claiming aliens had visited a mall in Miami and just this week a woman out hiking with her family in Brazil caught footage of ‘10ft creatures’ standing on top of a hill.

And now an other-worldly mystery from October has been solved once and for all.

The two small ‘humanoid’ looking creatures turned up at an airport in Lima, Peru, in a cardboard box, which only added to the mystery that shrouded them.

The ‘alien mummies’ were found in Peru last October.

The two specimens looked mummified and had been dressed in traditional Andean attire.

Naturally, their appearance generated plenty of speculation with some folks believing they could be the real deal.

So much so that Peruvian officials decided to run testing on the ‘mummies’ to determine what they were and where they came from.

And it’s bad news for anyone who was hoping for a confirmed proof of aliens reaching Earth, as it turns out the two specimens are completely man-made. Sorry to get your hopes up, guys.

Flavio Estrada, an archeologist at Peru's Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, said: "The conclusion is simple: they are dolls assembled with bones of animals from this planet, with modern synthetic glues, therefore they were not assembled during pre-Hispanic times.

“They’re not extraterrestrials. They’re dolls made from animal bones from this planet joined together with modern synthetic glue.

“It’s totally a made-up story.” That’s that, then.

Flavio Estrada.

Speaking at a press conference, the experts said examinations showed the bones of birds, dogs and other animals were used to create the dolls.

The arrival of the ‘mummified aliens’ came just months after Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan claimed to have a couple of alien specimens.

The 70-year-old claimed that they were centuries-old alien corpses found in a diatom mine in the city of Cusco, Peru, and said that finding them is 'the most important thing that has happened to humanity.'

Maussan, who has been previously associated with a number of debunked alien claims, went on to claim: "These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution.

"These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilised."

Featured Image Credit: CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP via Getty Images

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