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Driver taking out two motorcyclists in separate incidents leaves people divided

Driver taking out two motorcyclists in separate incidents leaves people divided

Footage of the brutal double smash has gone viral as people are debating who is at fault

If you're having a bad day, just be grateful you're not this bloke who managed to take down two motorcyclists down in succession.

The unnamed motorist had an absolute stinker after changing lanes on the Ayer Rajah Expressway in Singapore.

And, as per usual in this day and age, a dash cam captured the whole thing - and the footage has since gone viral.

Watch it here:

The brutal clip shows a man behind the wheel of a Porsche while navigating the busy traffic on Tuesday (28 November).

As his lane is moving noticeably slower than the others, he decides to stick his indicator on and moves over to the left.

Just as his wheel crosses the dividing line, the video shows a motorcycle with two people on board hurtling right towards the black car.

The pair end up smashing into it and flying off the bike, with both riders being flung down the road by the sheer force of the collision.

The people in the car behind who captured the road smash on camera said it best and exclaimed: "Oh! What the f**k!"

The frantic Porsche driver then fully pulls into the lane, sticks his hazard lights on and begins to open his car door to check on the two motorcycle riders.

But just 12 seconds after the initial collision occurred, he finds himself involved in another. We told you - he really had a bad day.

Two motorcycle riders smashed into the side of the black Porsche as it changed lanes.
Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

As the bloke flung his door open, a solo motorcyclist who bypassed the queueing cars by jibbing up between the lanes flies right into it.

The rider again tumbles onto the tarmac, but not before he bashes his body against a white minivan that's adjacent to him.

Police in Singapore are investigating the bizarre incident and said a woman aged 20 and her male companion, also 20, were taken to hospital, along with a 48-year-old man.

The trio were all conscious despite the force of the separate collisions, although the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Even though cops are looking into it, the Porsche driver is already facing a trial by social media as the dash cam footage was widely circulated online.

Another motorcyclist then collided with the bloke's car door just seconds later.
Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

People have been left divided when it comes to who was at fault, prompting a fiery online debate.

One said: "I'd say the riders were partly to blame. Way too quick."

Another said: "He [the driver] will be deemed at fault but the first lot should've seen him, he was moving slowly and the second biker should've seen the hazards."

A third added: "Zero road awareness from everyone."

A fourth chimed in: "Bikers at fault 100%. Driving over speed limit for both cases. First bike had a lot of time to react. Second biker ignoring hazard light on the car, still had considerable time to react to a potentially opened car door."

And a fifth wrote: "Shame his car didn't come with mirrors."

I think the rest of us will check, check and check again before sliding over to the next lane in future.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

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