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Young mum sets fire to home intruder’s face by using a can of mosquito spray

Young mum sets fire to home intruder’s face by using a can of mosquito spray

The can of RAID ignited on the intruder's face after coming into contact with the sparks from his taser.

A Brisbane mum set fire to a home intruder’s face with a can of mosquito spray after discovering him in her home.

Tiffany Kendon, 21, was left ‘traumatised’ earlier this week after a group of men broke into her home.

She recalled to the Courier Mail that one of the men was holding a taser as he entered the bedroom of her one-month-old baby and two-year-old toddler.

Tiffany warned the intruders to leave her property, fearing that she and her children would be shot or tasered.

However, the young mum warded off one of the attackers by spraying a can of RAID into his face.

The flammable liquid then ignited into a ball of flames on the man's face after coming into contact with the sparks of the taser.

On Monday night (October 31), the men crashed a vehicle on Newnham Road opposite Tiffany's property, which led a semiautomatic pistol to be dumped in the bushes just metres from her home.

A few hours later, one of the intruders came back to confront Tiffany, convinced she had taken the gun for herself.

She thought the ordeal was over; however, the men returned to her house the following night, but this time, they were carrying batons, knives and a shortened firearm.

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She told the outlet: “They came in the front door and the back door, three of them, all in their 20s.

“'They were yelling at us, 'give us our gun back, we know you have it, where's our f**king gun'.

“The main guy came upstairs with a taser and I was like, 'get the f**k out, I have a newborn, get out of my house'.”

As the children were sleeping on the second storey of the house, the mother considered pushing the invaders down the stairs but then saw the can of mosquito spray beside her.

After a little creative improvisation on Tiffany's part, the mum acted swiftly, leaving one of the men's faces ‘really burnt’ upon opening the can of RAID as he clicked his taser.

However, if that wasn't impressive enough, Tiffany then pushed the man down the flight of stairs.

According to the outlet, the three fled soon after and have not been arrested yet.

While Tiffany has only lived in her home for a year, she plans to move from the area after being severely scarred by the incident.

She added: “I’m pretty traumatised from it all.”

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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