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James May chose a very strange vehicle to keep after wrapping Top Gear

James May chose a very strange vehicle to keep after wrapping Top Gear

Having driven virtually every car imaginable, James May decided to keep a very strange car after wrapping Top Gear

Having worked on The Grand Tour and Top Gear, presenter James May has had access to some of the best cars in the world.

Despite this, the motoring journalist has kept very few of the vehicles from the various TV shows he’s appeared in over the years.

However, the 60-year-old has revealed he saved one particularly strange car from one of the Top Gear specials.

Before you get your hopes up, it’s not the Bugatti Veyron sadly.

Although May reached speeds of over 259mph in the supercar, Captain Slow opted for a much more interesting all-terrain vehicle from the Namibian special.

The two-part special saw Top Gear lads travel across the West African country, even journey through the Namib desert on beach buggies – one of which May kept.

James May has revealed the one car he's kept throughout his career on TV.
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He made the admission during an interview with LADbible, saying: “The only one I've ever kept is the beach buggy from Namibia trip, which is pretty wrecked by the end of it.”

Understandably, the vehicle wasn’t in the best shape by the end, with the presenter having to purchase the vehicle off the production team and then pay to have it ‘rebuilt’ as well.

“I had it rebuilt by the people who built it in the first place. So I bought the remains off us, if you like, and then paid to have it rebuilt. And I've still got that,” he revealed.

However, he insisted that the buggy was the only motor he’d kept from his TV career, saying: “There isn't room in my life for souvenirs from every special or every show we've ever made.”

“It would be absurd, so I could probably only keep one thing. So that's it, I've got the beach buggy. “

The 60-year-old kept one of the iconic beach buggies from his Namibia trip.

Whilst the presenter may have kept the beach buggy, he won’t be keeping his latest ride from The Grand Tour.

In fact, the Our Man in host claims he drove the ‘worst’ car ever during the European special, a 75-year Crosley convertible – which understandably struggled to complete the lads’ 1400-mile-long trip.

He joked: “I've driven some pretty awful things. But that was just terrifying.”

Despite this, the production team still asked if May wanted to buy the vehicle, as the presenter explained.

“…They said do you want to keep the Crosley?,” he revealed, adding: ”And I said, No, I really don't.”

You can watch May, Hammond and motor-mouth Clarkson in The Grand Tour: Eurocrash exclusively on Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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