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Liam Gallagher Says Brother Noel 'Hasn't Had A Proper Scran For About 10 Years'

Liam Gallagher Says Brother Noel 'Hasn't Had A Proper Scran For About 10 Years'

The singer said it must do his sibling's head in when people mistake them, claiming Noel is 'trying so hard', while he's 'walloping lagers'.

Liam Gallagher has had yet another dig at his brother Noel, claiming his older sibling 'hasn't had a proper scran for about 10 years'. Watch here:

Side by side, the brothers achieved greatness with Oasis, but since the band's acrimonious split in 2009, the only thing they've shared is relentless jibes - and there's no sign of them drying up anytime soon.

Speaking to LADbible to promote his new album, LG managed to answer a fairly innocuous question with an animated riff about his and Noel's differing lifestyles.

Asked what people most commonly say to him in the street, the 49-year-old replied: "Alright Noel."

And from that launchpad, Liam took the opportunity to have a pop at his bro, outlining why it 'must do his head in' when people mistake them.

"That geezer, he hasn't had a scran for about 10 years, you know what I mean?" he said.

"He watches his weight and all that, and he's got his little skin programme, he has his Botox and all that - and I'm just walloping lagers, and having kebabs, and f***ing eating whatever and all that tackle.

"It must do his head in 'cause he's trying so hard man, trying so hard to be Noel Gallagher and people are just coming up and going, 'Alright Liam.'

"You'd just be going like, 'What the f*** man, I've just done about 900 f***ing press-ups, and I haven't had a proper dinner for seven years, and I haven't drank lager for seven years, and you're thinking I'm him?!'"

Liam reckons Noel must hate it when people get them the wrong way around.

As for Liam, you'd get slim odds on him not touching lager for seven years.

Asked what he considers to be his biggest weakness, he replied: "Alcohol, I reckon.

"I f***ing love lager and f***ing Guinness, you know what I mean?

"But you've got to have a bit of discipline haven't ya? I have got a bit of discipline sometimes."

The 'Supersonic' singer added that he would choose alcohol over cigarettes, if push came to shove, even if his prime partying days are behind him.

During Oasis' heyday, the Gallaghers' rock 'n' roll shenanigans were continually splashed across the papers, as they played huge sell-out shows across the world.

Back in 1996, the band played two historic gigs at Knebworth to a quarter of a million people, and remarkably Liam has said he can hardly remember the momentous shows.

Just as remarkably, he's set to return to the famous site this weekend for two more gigs, with his solo career reaching a lofty zenith few could ever have anticipated.

Two-and-a-half decades later, Liam said there will be some key differences: there will be phones, there won't be Noel, and he will remember it.

"The first night my mam's coming, so I'm gonna just get in there, do the gig and get home," he explained.

"I'll have a chilled one with her, no drinking and that... so I'll remember one of them anyway."

Liam is returning to Knebworth - minus Noel.

He continued: "Then the next night my mam's going home, so I'll have a party then; but, you know what, you sit there and you go, 'The next night we're gonna get f**king massive and it's gonna be this,' - I can't do that anymore these days, I have a couple of pints and a couple of cigarettes and it's just like, 'I'm going to bed, man.'

"You think you're going to have the biggest night ever, I think they've been done.

"After a couple of hours it's like, 'F**k that man,' everyone talking s**t in your ear, 'I'm going to bed mate.'

"But I'll have a good go at it anyway."

Liam's third solo album C'Mon You Know is out now. You can buy and stream it here. 

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Alamy

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