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Astrid Wett made an embarrassing mistake while vandalising boxing rival Alexia Grace's car.

The OnlyFans boxer filmed herself graffitiing Alexia's new Mercedes as the pair's heated feud continues.

The beef all started when Astrid, who fights on KSI's Misfits Boxing promotion, brawled with Alexia during a press conference.

Astrid Wett made a cringe-worthy mistake amidst her feud with Alexia Grace.

Alexia threw water over Astrid which promptly started a scuffle between the two OnlyFans stars which a whole barrage of security needing to intervene to pull them apart.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Astrid went on to have her Misfits Boxing belt stolen by Alexia.

Astrid has publicly responded and has since taken to Twitter and uploaded a short clip of her spray-painting Alexa's car as the ultimate revenge prank.

She captioned the clip: "ALEXIA GRACE I TOLD YOU WATCH YOUR BACK."

However, there was one particular part of the plot that didn't go quite to plan.

Astrid can be seen hopping onto the hood of Alexia's car and begins to spell the word 'THIEF' in big red letters.

Slightly awkward...

One thing though, she spelt it wrong - writing 'THEIF' instead.

"How do you like this, Alexia?" he goads before spray-painting the rear windows too.

Astrid, who boasts a 2-0 record, concluded without any remorse: "She's a thief! She deserves it!"

People haven't held back their reactions to Astrid's spelling blunder with one Twitter user writing: "Embarrassing.

"Literally spelt it wrong and you’ve literally just got yourself done for criminal damage."

A second asked: "How do you spell thief wrong?"

"Someone tell her it’s I before E except after C," added a third.

A fourth commented: "Went through all of that effort just to spell thief wrong. Stay in school kids."

Alexia has since taken to Instagram to issue her response on the matter, telling Wett to 'learn how to spell its embarrassing' while ironically missing the apostrophe off 'it's' herself.

Alexia Grace has responded to the vandalism video.

"Besides the windscreen," Grace said, "when she was jumping on the bonnet, it's like left dents in it and God knows how much it's going to cost to fix my bonnet."

She continued: "My car is like a pretty new Mercedes and it's got really low miles on it so that is really going to devalue the price of the car isn't it."

In a follow-up, Grace took to Instagram Stories again in a Q&A to respond to someone asking: "Surely it's what goes around comes around with the whole car thing."

She answered: "Right, no.

"I'm going to say this once and once only. Me stealing this belt is not the same as vandalising someone's property - jumping on it and graffitiing."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@AstridWett

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