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Eddie Hall Trolls The Mountain With Humiliating Gift Days Before Boxing Fight

Eddie Hall Trolls The Mountain With Humiliating Gift Days Before Boxing Fight

The strongman couldn't resist reminding his rival of a painful past experience

Eddie Hall has trolled his upcoming opponent Hafþór Björnsson with a humiliating gift ahead of their fight this weekend. 

Although this will be the first fight between the pair, they have previously competed against each other in strongman competition. 

Eddie Hall offered Thor Bjornsson a Double Dip.

One of which saw Björnsson penalised during a Viking Press for ‘double dipping’ - meaning he bent his knees to give himself a boost to push the weight higher. 

The 2017 incident left a bitter taste in Björnsson’s mouth - who felt he had been unfairly punished. 

And now it seems as though Hall was unable to resist having a pop at his fellow strongman by offering him some Double Dip sherbet sweets. 

The pair came face-to-face on the iFL TV YouTube channel, ahead of their fight on Saturday, where the two blokes claimed they were feeling ‘calm’. 

Whipping out the sweets, Hall handed a pack to host Kugan Cassius before cucking another pack across the table at Björnsson.

He said: “I’ve brought you some sweets from the UK… let me just explain how they work.

"They’re really nice - so what you do is: you get this stick, you suck it and then you dip it in the sugar - it’s called Double Dip - and then you go up and you dip again, back down, and then you put it in your mouth.” 


A seemingly furious Björnsson hit back by saying: “See? This is the reason that he has already lost because his mind is not in the fight - his mind is back in 2017. And this is the reason Eddie Hall is going to lose on Saturday because his head is in the wrong place.”

Of course, fans of the pair will know this is far from the first time things have become heated in the run up to their fight. 

Over the weekend, the two men crossed paths in a gym and things turned pretty nasty pretty quickly. 


In a video shared online, Hall could be seen squaring up to Björnsson and threatening to ‘bite his nose off’ if he touches him.

The pair then begin pushing one another before people manage to get in between them and pull them apart, with Hall telling the Game of Thrones star to 'step outside'.

As he gets ushered out the door, Hall then appears to spit at Thor, 33, who returns fire with his own salty projectile.

Speaking about the incident, Thor said he wasn't proud of what happened, but said the adrenaline got the better of him.

You can watch the fight on Saturday 19 March, it’s being streamed for free via SEGI.TV.

Featured Image Credit: iFL TV/YouTube

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