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Fan Spotted Putting Something Into Other Man's Drink On Live TV At Wimbledon

Fan Spotted Putting Something Into Other Man's Drink On Live TV At Wimbledon


A tennis fan was seen slipping something into another man’s drink on live TV. Check it out: 

Footage taken on Thursday’s (30 June) Grand Slam match between Liam Broady and Diego Schwartzman shows two audience members wearing sunglasses and enjoying a chat.

In front of them sits two golden wine flutes, which most people would assume would be for simply holding their tipples. 

However, in the clip the dark-haired tennis fan reaches for something in his lap before appearing to sprinkle it in his friend’s drink. 

Little did the pair realise the cameras were focused right on them, with the not-so-subtle aside airing on BBC for its coverage of the tennis tournament.

The tennis fan was spotted reaching for something in his lap.

It’s currently unclear what exactly was placed in the glass, but it appears the internet has a few ideas. 

“When you bring your Glastonbury leftovers to Wimbledon,” quipped one person on Twitter, while another wrote, “Mandy Murray.”

A third wrote: “F**k me. Do some people think they’re invisible.”

While some people found the clip funny, others suggested that the sport is not the most ideal setting.

That includes this person who asked: “Who tf wants to gurn at Wimbledon? Couldn’t think of anything more boring.”

“Each to their own and that but I’m struggling to see the appeal of getting off your box at Tennis?!” wrote another.

Then there were those who had some more innocent ideas about what the ‘special ingredient’ could be. 

“Only adding sugar to his drink because it wasn’t sweet enough, what’s the problem,” joked one. 

The internet has some ideas about what the addition could be.

Wimbledon returned on Monday (27 June) with full capacity crowds for the first the time in three years.

The world famous tennis tournament, which has seen 40,000 people attend each day, is set to run until 10 July. 

Alongside the now viral clip above, people were left shocked by the staggering cost of food and drink at the event.

Earlier this week, Twitter account Sport Scran revealed that a tray of chicken and chips with a side of coleslaw will set you back a whopping £11.

Twitter users were less than impressed by the picture of the underwhelming tray, which is giving us some serious Fyre Festival vibes. "That's seriously overpriced," wrote one.

Other users were appalled by the size of the chicken. In one interaction, a user wrote: "That is the saddest chicken I've seen in a while."

The tweet prompted a reply a from another user who questioned: "Where actually is the chicken?"

The disappointing platter didn't get the seal of approval from KFC either, as their social media team joked: "Well that's ruined my day."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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