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Poker tournament hit by 'fake boobs nip slip' controversy just weeks after 'vibrator cheat' scandal

Poker tournament hit by 'fake boobs nip slip' controversy just weeks after 'vibrator cheat' scandal

Hustler Casino Live was still recovering from a 'vibrator' cheating scandal

A poker tournament has just found itself at the centre of a second controversy in a matter of weeks, after one player appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Hustler Casino Live was still recovering from a vibrator cheating scandal when regular player Sashimi launched them back into hot water with an alleged 'nip slip'. You can watch the awkward moment here:

Sashimi was competing in a 'Max Pain Monday' poker live stream this week, when her shirt seemed to fall open and expose her left nipple.

Viewers didn't know whether to look away as the game continued and Sashimi appeared none the wiser.

Commentator Kyle Ravreby sounded obviously uncomfortable as the camera zoomed in on Sashimi's 'nip slip.'

"Sashimi, come on, please", he could be heard saying between uncomfortable laughter.

"I'm looking away from the screen right now, are you guys? Sashimi, come on, please."

But it was later revealed that the whole thing was a stunt.

Poker player Sashimi was supposedly wearing a fake body suit.
Twitter/ @llcashgamespod

It turns out the poker star had been wearing a body suit with fake breasts under her clothes, and fully intended on exposing them during the live stream.

While some people thought the gag was hilarious, a lot of viewers were ticked off and complained that stunts like this were ruining the poker show's credibility.

One poker fan called on the Hustler Casino team to 'do better', while another asked: "But like….why???"

A third, disappointed viewer tweeted: "Welp it's official and final - @HCLPokerShow is a joke and just objectively awful... There is zero that can be done to fully rebuild credibility."

Joint-owners of Hustler Casino Live Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci have responded to the scandal, though neither of them seem too bothered by the backlash.

Nick casually explained: "Pretty sure it’s a body suit / gag. But FN brilliant. Had me fooled."

Meanwhile, Ryan put more thought into his response, explaining: "In hindsight I wish I knew what sashimi was doing & that THAT might happen. Didn’t know til it happened. I wish I vetoed it."

He added: "But most people will find it entertaining and innocent, even though it might be in bad taste and def unnecessary. Didn’t know in advance what was going on and that could happen. But not sure it’s that big a deal."

The incident swiftly follows another Hustler Casino Live scandal, after another player, Robbi Jade Lew, was accused of using a 'vibrator' to cheat in a match back in October.

The poker newcomer was accused of conning veteran player Garrett Adelstein out of $296,000 (£240,000) after supposedly using a device in her ring 'that simply vibrates to indicate you have the best hand.'

Robbi was accused of using the device to call Garrett's bluff and going all-in with a weak hand.

She has denied all cheating accusations, though the production team behind Hustler Casino Live has launched a full investigation into the incident.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@HCLPokerShow

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