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Jack Grealish Admits He Didn't Know What Symmetrical Means

Jack Grealish Admits He Didn't Know What Symmetrical Means

The Man City footballer was complimented by comic character Troy Hawke - but it went straight over his head.

Jack Grealish has admitted he didn't have a clue what it meant when Troy Hawke told him he had a 'fabulously symmetrical face'. Watch here:

Hawke - the comic creation of Milo McCabe - has become a viral sensation. You'll have probably seen him on your social feeds, working for 'The Greeters' Guild' outside high street stores, welcoming perplexed customers in his purple smoking jacket.

Well, he recently moved up from average Joes to Man City stars, welcoming them as they arrived at their preseason training camp in the USA.

A notable highlight came as Grealish passed, with Hawke commenting: "You have a fabulously symmetrical face."

"I have what?" Grealish replied, but when Hawke repeated himself he was clearly none the wiser.

Jack Graelish certainly looked confused.
YouTube/Troy Hawke

The 26-year-old has since confirmed that he did not have a clue what Hawke was on about.

Asked if he knew who Hawke was on City On Tour Daily, he said: "Nah, I didn't have a scooby who he was.

"I've obviously just walked off the coach, I weren't really concentrating. He said to me, 'You have a fabulously symmetrical face,' but to be honest, I didn't really know what that meant."

He continued: "Then I thought, 'Is he from the airport?', like I thought he was just a random guy, then I thought, 'Is he mugging me off here?'... I didn't have scooby what was going on."

Oh Jack, never change.

Hawke has subsequently reassured the England international that he needn't worry about his lack of comprehension.

On Twitter, he wrote: "When you are THAT talented and physically blessed, honestly what need is there to understand words?

"Take your face that looks remarkably similar on both sides and have at the world @JackGrealish SHOULDERS BACK."

Of course, The Greeters' Guild isn't real, nor is Troy Hawke - they're both figments of McCabe's imagination.

The comedian has been performing on stage as the character for the best part of 10 years, but he's recently become a huge viral hit, having made the bold decision to take him on the road and deploy him as an unsolicited greeter at the likes of B&M, TK MAXX and WHSmith.

The subsequent interactions with customers and staff have been absolute gold; some laugh, some ignore him completely, some threaten to 'smash' him.

McCabe told LADbible: "A third of people I would say, avoid, avert, move away, look down - no thank you.

"But I would say - and this is way more than I thought - it would be two thirds of people I would say actually react positively, and smile, and take what I'm saying and have a bit of a chuckle."

He added: "Now bear in mind, I'm talking about members of the public. One hundred percent of shop managers have gone completely the opposite direction.

"I've either not been seen or I've been booted... Actually, that's not correct - the Marks & Spencer lady, I convinced her that I worked there, and she was lovely. Apart from her, nobody."

Featured Image Credit: Manchester City

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