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People Rip The P*ss Out Of Jake Paul Over Awful Footballing Ability

People Rip The P*ss Out Of Jake Paul Over Awful Footballing Ability

"He shoots like someone who calls football Soccer"

Jake Paul's been on a winning streak ever since entering the world of pro boxing, but the same can't be said for his football skills. Check it out:

The 25-year-old YouTuber took to social media over the weekend to share a video of himself having a kick around. And although he does score a goal, he's getting ripped to shreds by the online community over his technique.

In the clip, he says, "Let's go Liverpool, championship game. Let's go Reds, Mo Salah – this one's for you," before punting the ball through the net.

It's giving us 'someone who's been into footy for a week' vibes, and clearly the internet agrees.

Jake's been getting some serious flack for the attempt, with one football fan writing, "He shoots like someone who calls football Soccer."

They also pointed out the fact that he said 'Championship game' – pretty sure he means Champions League.

"Look at his legs… like a 2 year old who just learned how to walk," wrote another, while a third said, "Lmaoo such an ugly technique."

The online community weren't so kind about Jake Paul's football skills.
Twitter/Jake Paul

Then there were those who referenced Liverpool's almighty defeat to Real Madrid at the Champions League final last night, including this person who quipped, "No wonder they lost."

"Salah took this too seriously and shot like that only throughout the game," joked another.

In other words, don't quit your day job, Jake.

Speaking of which, as well as racking up an undefeated 5-0 boxing record since his first match in 2018, the internet prankster has been climbing the ranks as a promotor in recent months and has been outspoken about fighters getting fair pay.

So much so that he received some rare praise recently for a boxing match he helped set up.

Video footage shows Jake getting extremely animated at ringside in Madison Square Garden on 30 April, where he was watching as his client, Amanda Serrano, locking horns with Katie Taylor.

Paul jumped up and down as he spurred on Serrano, leading to positive reaction from the online community.

"We can all slag off joke paul, and we know he is a bit deluded when it comes to how far he can go in boxing but one thing for sure is that he has been instrumental in getting these two fighters their biggest pay day of their lives," wrote one, adding, "So kudos for that."

Another said: "He's a bit of a d**k but truth be told he's generosity helped get Serrano where she is. And has given other fighters a great payday that they never got from bigger promotions."

So yes, he might be an amateur when it comes to football, but as much as it pains the haters to admit – Conor McGregor included – it appears Jake Paul's earned himself a solid reputation in the boxing arena.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Jake Paul

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