Lad Sneaks Into Tyson Fury Fight By Copying Molly-Mae Hague's Pass Off Instagram

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Featured Image Credit: Jack Taylor

Tyson Fury’s blockbuster heavyweight title fight against Dillian Whyte was estimated to have been watched by almost two million people on Saturday, 23 April.

The fight sold out Wembley Stadium’s 94,000 capacity and tickets were being resold online for hefty sums, but none of that stopped one daredevil, who, with a little accidental help from Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague, schemed his way into the stalls for free. 

A day after the fight, 18-year-old YouTuber Jack Taylor uploaded a video to the platform titled Sneaking Into Tyson Fury Vs Dillian Whyte, and let’s just say this: clickbait it is not. 

Along with his pal Arthur, Jack bluffed his way past security and ended up watching history-making boxer Fury spectacularly knockout Whyte live in the flesh.

But the 26-minute video isn’t without its ups and downs. Not only do Jack and Arthur – who live just outside London – end up being bundled out of the venue and questioned by police (before sneaking back inside to watch the match), but they’re stopped over and over again by security for not having a ticket or wristband.

Molly-Mae Hague posting her VIP pass gave Jack an idea. Credit: YouTube/Jack Taylor

Beginning the video, Jack proudly shows followers his DIY VIP pass for the fight, revealing he’d pinched the template off none other than Tommy Fury’s significant other Molly-Mae, who Instagrammed her own VIP pass ahead of Saturday’s fight.

Standing suited and booted in front of his camera, Jack told subscribers he’d simply whacked his own photo over Molly’s and was about to board a train to London and try his luck in Wembley.

Speaking to LADbible, Jack, who’s also the star of Sneaking Into A 5* London Hotel, explained the idea came to him ‘about a month ago’, but once Molly-Mae uploaded a photo of her VIP pass to social media, it was all systems go. 

Jack and the 'VIP passes' he created. Credit: YouTube/Jack Taylor

Jack entered the venue through turnstiles. Credit: Jack Taylor YouTube

“I knew they had passes and I knew someone was gonna put one on Instagram, so I was always checking. Arthur sent me Molly’s post, then we spent all day printing them out. It worked out perfectly,” he said.

The lads, who got down to Wembley two hours ahead of fight time, spent their one-hour train journey into London from Hertfordshire ironing out their plan.

Once they arrived at the arena, Jack and Arthur were denied entry by security guard after security guard. Asked about the push-back, Jack quipped: “You’ve just gotta talk your way out of it.”

Jack snuck into Wembley Stadium with a mate. Credit: Jack Taylor YouTube

After being repeatedly denied entry by security, Jack snuck his way into the arena via the turnstiles, following a woman inside after she scanned her ticket.

It was at this moment, he admitted, that he got spooked, confessing: “When I was about to go through the turnstiles, at that point I was actually scared. I thought ‘this is getting mad’.”

Once inside, Jack was asked for a wristband by numerous security guards, but managed to find one that let him into the stalls after falling for his fake VIP pass.

Tyson Fury went toe to toe with Dillian Whyte. Credit: Alamy

But Jack and Arthur’s celebrations were short-lived, and the lads were quickly escorted out of the venue after trying to use their passes to get into the arena’s VIP section, getting them busted by security.

After a quick talking-to from police, the duo walked back over to another set of turnstiles and once again snuck into the venue.

Jack said: “The whole time I was speaking to the police I was just thinking about trying to get back in. We went back in through turnstiles around the corner, then we took our seats and acted like we were meant to be there.”

Once inside, Jack enjoyed the fight. Credit: Jack Taylor YouTube

However, Jack's actions may well have consequences, with a spokesperson for Wembley Stadium telling LADbible: "We are reviewing what action we can take legally in regards to this unauthorised and illegal entry to the stadium.

"This individual has gone out of their way to purposefully and strategically defraud our stewards and staff, which is dangerous, irresponsible and reckless. We will be consulting with the Metropolitan Police about the actions of this individual."

Watch Jack's full video here.

Aisha Nozari

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