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Professional Volleyball Player Says She Makes 50 Times More From OnlyFans Than Her Sport

Professional Volleyball Player Says She Makes 50 Times More From OnlyFans Than Her Sport

Brazilian player Key Alves revealed she makes incredibly more money on the adult site compared to what she earns a professional player.

Brazilian professional volleyball player Key Alves has revealed she makes 50 times more on OnlyFans than she does with her sport. 

The part-time influencer and part-time athlete currently has 2.3 million followers on Instagram alone, making her the most followed volleyball player in the world. 

The back-row defensive specialist is now getting set to take part in the 2022/23 Paulista Championship season with Osasco Voleibol Clube, however, it’s her career outside of the sport that’s actually bringing in the bank.

In fact, it’s bringing her in a lot more money than her professional sports career, which is nuts when you think about it.

She spoke to Brazilian news outlet O Globo, where she maintained that volleyball was her main focus, however, she can’t quite let go of her parallel occupation.

She said: “I am going to the third year in a professional volleyball team and I consider myself a professional athlete.

"But things off the court started to grow a lot for me. So I started to give a little more attention to a parallel career.”

That career off the court is certainly helping to pay the bills, especially if professional volleyball isn’t cutting it.

She continued: “I consider myself an athlete and that's what made my image grow on the internet.

“So, I'm an athlete, a model and also an influencer and entrepreneur of my own businesses."

"I earn about 50 times more with digital platforms than with volleyball. It really is about that. 

“I earn a lot on OnlyFans because the subscription is fixed for the whole month.”

Alves charges her OnlyFans subscribers $14 a month, with American Post reporting that she has been able to collect more than $500,000. 

However, despite comfortably being able to make a career outside of sport, she claims her love and focus will always be volleyball.

And it certainly seems like she’s on her way to becoming a top star in the sport.

She was recently called up to the Brazilian national volleyball team and is one of the most promising athletes in Brazil. 

She said: “I love playing volleyball more than taking pictures.

"That's why I'm not going to stop with my career on the court even if it's currently possible [financially speaking]."

Featured Image Credit: key.alvees/Instagram.

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