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Manchester City fans have been mocked for how they celebrated the moment they won the treble at the final whistle.

The football team won their first-ever Champions League and a historic treble after a 1-0 win over Inter Milan yesterday (10 June).

City fans have been waiting years for their beloved club to finally hit the impressive milestone but they have since been ridiculed for their 'embarrassing' reaction to the monumental victory.

People have been mocking Manchester City fans' 'embarrassing' celebrations to the win.

Footage from the event has been making its rounds on social media with the original post, uploaded by Post United on Twitter, receiving over 1.5 million views.

In the short clip, fans can be seen cheering and clapping as confetti is blasted in the stands - but it's clear that some people online were far from impressed by their jubilation.

One Twitter user hit out: "Where's the passion? Do they know what it means by winning the Champions League?"

A second claimed: "Seen more excitement at the tea after a funeral."

"Seen more atmosphere at a funeral home," echoed a third.

A fourth likened the celebration to 'when you win £5 on a scratch card,' with a fifth dubbing the ordeal as 'embarrassing'.

"I’ve heard louder at non-league games!" posted another, while a final Twitter user called the whole thing 'very underwhelming'.

Some people online were far from impressed by their jubilation.

While that particular clip may be deemed as 'underwhelming' to some - it's clear that other passionate City fans didn't hold back as they launched some pretty wild celebrations mounting bus stops and smashing cars after the Champions League win.

Manchester City fans poured onto the streets of the city last night, with police forced to intervene after fans climbed on a police vehicle, smashing it up.

Officers were seen wrestling someone to the ground, and some people climbed on bus shelters, but generally speaking, the atmosphere was one of happiness and excitement given the team's historical win.

And the celebrations don't stop there.

Manchester City won their first-ever Champions League and a historic treble.

It has since also confirmed that there will be a victory bus parade taking place Manchester city centre on Monday evening (12 June) with the club tweeting: "We will be celebrating our Treble with an open-top bus parade through Manchester city centre on Monday.

"Can't wait to see you all there!"

Manchester City Council also wrote: "Congratulations to @ManCity on completing the treble!

"To celebrate this historic season, a parade will take place on Monday evening - details about the parade will be shared on Sunday."

The council leader Bev Craig, said: "Winning the treble, crowned with an historic first Champions League triumph, is an incredible achievement.

"We extend our congratulations on behalf of the city to the club and its fans.

"We're sure the parade will be a joyous and unforgettable occasion as fans gather in the city centre to celebrate with the team a success which will resonate around the world and showcases once again Manchester's huge sporting legacy."

Congratulations, Man City!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@postunited

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