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Newcastle fans 'beef' Sunderland supporters as bus overtakes them on the way to Wembley for Cup final

Newcastle fans 'beef' Sunderland supporters as bus overtakes them on the way to Wembley for Cup final

The rivals came face-to-face on the motorway

A coach full of Newcastle fans overtook a bus of Sunderland supporters on the motorway and, well, you can probably guess how that turned out. Take a look:

The Toon Army were on their way to Wembley Stadium for the Carabao Cup final, which takes place this afternoon (26 February) at 4.30pm.

The Magpies are set to play their first major cup final in nearly 25 years, taking on Manchester United in the anticipated match.

As hundreds of fans travelled far and wide to get to London for the event, this particular coach full of Newcastle lovers found the perfect way to get fired up - by beefing with their rivals.

Footage shared on Twitter is filmed from the perspective of the Toon team as they approach the Sunderland bus.

When they're parallel with the Black Cats, the two sides shout insults at each other while displaying some very British hand gestures.

Following their delightful exchange, the Newcastle group speeds forward and overtakes Sunderland on the motorway.

Shoutout to this lady who was just enjoying the show.

It's quite the metaphor considering the Geordies were on the way to the Carabao Cup final, while their rivals were off to their team's game against Coventry yesterday afternoon (25 February) where they lost 2-1.

Hundreds of people have commented on the now-viral clip, with one writing: "Imagine passing your local rivals whilst they’re off to Wembley and you’re off to Coventry... it doesn’t get much worse than that."

But others were on hand with a rebuttal, including this person who said: "Bit sweet for them as they’ve not been since 1999 and we’ve been there five times in the last decade."

Another footy fan wrote: "One's off to Wembley, ones off to Coventry," to which a commenter replied: "One's been to Wembley multiple times, one hasn't... in saying that, good luck on Sunday."

Competition aside, the comments were awash with jokes about the bus beef, with one comparing it to 'when you're on a school trip and see another school'.

"I can smell the inside of that coach from here," said another, while a third added: "Nothin better than a bit of banter rivalry."

Maybe the folks in this footage were on their way to Trafalgar Square, as the city hotspot was taken over by thousands of Newcastle United fans ahead of the club's almighty showdown against The Red Devils today.

The massive crowd of supporters - many wearing the famous black and white striped shirts - were seen chanting and having a good time as they descended on the London hotspot.

Others enjoyed a few bevvies, while a few let off smoke bombs in the team's black and white colours.

They received praise online, not only for being in good spirits about the game, but also because they cleaned up after their celebrations.

One Twitter user shared photos of the efforts alongside the caption: "'If you’re proud to be a Geordie…' #NUFC @NUFC Trafalgar Square left just as we found it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ajustice00

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