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Woman lands brutal slap at slapping championship

Woman lands brutal slap at slapping championship

The Power Slap League is a new combat league backed by UFC chief Dana White, but it's attracted some serious controversy

A woman competing in a bizarre new sports league was completely floored after being slapped square in the face. Check out the video here, because it’s one hell of a slap.

So, the woman who actually did the slapping clearly wasn’t messing around, and that’s actually the entire premise of this new sporting endeavour from UFC supremo Dana White.

Basically, you get two contestants together then have them take turns at slapping one another as hard as they can across the mush.

It’s a simple sport, but it has already attracted quite a lot of criticism from people within combat sports as well as neurologists.

The above video gives you an idea of why.

One of the key factors in sports like MMA and boxing is that you are supposed to defend yourself at all times.

Hell, Chris Eubank Jr. got totally sparked out by Liam Smith last night and still got up to keep fighting, because the instinct to keep himself in the fight was so strong.

Sheena Bathory dishing out the pain.
Twitter/Power Slap League

However, in the Power Slap League, you quite literally have to turn your cheek and let your opponent wallop you in the face.

That can’t be good for you, particularly if you’re receiving a slap from Sheena Bathory.

Bathory was facing Kortney Olson in a match watched by White, among others.

Billed as the ‘Road to the Title’, the event in Las Vegas is one of the first the new league has had, and raised some serious questions.

After taking her opponent’s slap, Bathory wound up one of her own, absolutely laying out her opponent.

Olson was left bleary-eyed and with no idea what day of the week it was, then finding it hard to get up off the floor.

She received medical attention, but the fight was stopped and Bathory was handed the victory in the lightweight bout.

It’s scenes like this that appear to have given some of the medical people who have watched it pause for thought.

Chris Nowinski, who is an ex-wrestler and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, said that the footage emerging from the Power Slap League is ‘so sad’ and constitutes ‘pure exploitation’.

Her opponent was left seriously dizzied.
Twitter/Power Slap League

Tagging the company, he wrote: ““You should be ashamed. Pure exploitation.

“What’s next, ‘Who can survive a stabbing?’”

Professional boxer Ryan Garcia has also spoken out about the new league, tweeting: “Power slap is a horrible idea and needs to be stopped.”

Still, people are talking about it, and it's got some decent money and high-profile endorsement behind it, so perhaps this is just the start for the Power Slap League.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Power Slap League

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