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Switch Sports Player Already Smashed Their TV Playing Game 24 Hours After Release

Switch Sports Player Already Smashed Their TV Playing Game 24 Hours After Release

One unfortunate Twitch streamer decimated his TV while playing Nintendo's new Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports finally hit shelves on 29 April, a whopping 16 years after Wii Sports first arrived on the market.

But despite Switch controllers being more lightweight and nimble than the large, oblong blocks of Nintendo gaming past, they’re apparently just as sufficient at smashing TVs, as one unfortunate streamer discovered over the weekend. Watch the clip below:

Twitch user 63man was taking Switch Sports’ brand-spanking-new tennis game for a spin when one enthusiastic swing resulted in the death of his television. 

Flicking his right wrist just a little too hard, 63man sent his Joy-Con hurdling into his TV and panning the camera revealed a very battered screen.

63man also shared the clip on Twitter, and his cracked television screen came as a surprise to barely anyone. 

“It’s good to see that Wii Sports traditions never die, the strap is no joke,” wrote one person beneath the footage, with another adding: “Nintendo new slogan: ’I want to destroy your TV’."

Wii Sports, Switch Sports’ predecessor, notoriously left TV screens across the globe shattered, as controllers flung off the wrists of passionate Esports players.

Wii Sports left TV screens across the globe shattered.

Cases became so rife that Nintendo was forced to release a statement promising to replace customers' broken straps. 

Reporting on the story back in 2006, the BBC noted that Nintendo also released ‘enhanced’ straps in response to complaints, which ‘weren’t as prone’ to breakages. 

On its official website, Nintendo’s health and safety page has a whole section dedicated to ‘Wii remotes precautions’.

Nintendo advises gamers to ‘hold the remote firmly and do not let go’. It also warns against playing with sweaty hands, stating: “If you are having so much fun that you start perspiring, take a moment to dry your hands.”

Despite the destruction of poor 63man’s TV, Nintendo Switch Sports has gone down an absolute treat with gamers, having racked up stellar reviews across the board. 

On Monday, the Metro reported that Switch Sports had shot straight to the top of the UK’s physical sales charts and more than doubled Mario Party Superstars’ launch numbers.

Much like its older sibling, Switch Sports is already being billed as a game best played at parties, and activities available include ​​tennis, volleyball, badminton, football, bowling, and chambala - a sword-fighting competition.

Scoring Switch Sports 7/10, Gamingbible’s Dan Wilson gushed: “Nintendo Switch Sports brings forward a fun, first-rate, much-loved Wii series to the Switch console. I was once again reminded of the fun of playing these motion-controlled Nintendo sports games that I once loved.”

Featured Image Credit: @63Man/Twitter

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