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Tyson Fury Reveals What He Said To Whyte After Brutal Left Hook

Tyson Fury Reveals What He Said To Whyte After Brutal Left Hook

Tyson Fury defeated Dillian Whyte by knockout and got in some jibes as well as jabs on his opponent.

Tyson Fury has revealed what he said to Dillian Whyte after landing a brutal left hook in the midst of their heavyweight title fight.

Fury defeated Whyte to maintain his undefeated record last night (23 April) and has since confirmed that he is aiming to bow out of boxing, though he did talk about the prospect of a mixed rules fight against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

The 33-year-old finished off his opponent with a powerful uppercut, though it was a series of punishing left hooks to the body which wore down Whyte.

Such punches are normally the trademark of Whyte, who bears the nickname 'Body Snatcher' from the way he attacks the bodies of his opponents to wear them down and beat them, but Fury was able to beat Whyte at his own game.

It was his first fight in Britain for more than three years and Fury did not disappoint, putting on an impressive display for the 94,000-crowd at Wembley Stadium who were vocally on his side throughout the fight.


You wouldn't normally think two people knocking seven bells out of each other for the WBC heavyweight title would have a chance to chat, but Fury has confirmed he shared a few words with Whyte while they were trading punches.

According to the Daily Mirror, Fury revealed that he had a quick chat with his opponent in the ring during the fight about the left hooks he was landing and said Whyte had admitted the punches were able to hurt him.

He said: 'I kept clipping him with that check hook.

'We have practiced on the pads, bang bang. The one thing that amazed me, I hit the 'Body Snatcher' with a left hook to the body and I said to him you are hurt aren't you 'Body Snatcher' and he said 'yeah'. It was funny.'

The fight lasted six rounds before Fury's uppercut knocked Whyte to the canvas and although the 34-year-old was able to rise to his feet, he was clearly off balance when the referee asked him to walk forwards.

The 'Gypsy King' and the 'Body Snatcher' also spoke after the fight was over, with Fury telling his defeated opponent that 'he will be a world champion one day'.

Since Fury has announced his intentions to retire from boxing with no more title defences it appears as though he has endorsed his final opponent to take his place as the heavyweight champion of the world.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport/Alamy

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