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England fans discover price of pint in Qatar during World Cup is £10

England fans discover price of pint in Qatar during World Cup is £10

You might want to start saving now

With just a couple of months left until the 2022 World Cup, football fans have turned their attention to one thing - beer.

Though thousands will be heading to Qatar to watch the world's biggest football tournament in real life, they might want to consider a dry trip after finding out the average cost of a beer is upwards of £10.

Organisers of the event have relaxed the country's strict alcohol laws, which mean that only licensed hotel restaurants and bars can sell alcoholic beverages and people can only buy it with a permit.

That's one expensive round of beer. Expensive round of beer.
DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

At the World Cup, punters will have access to their favourite tipple, but only from designated drinking areas within the stadium prior to kick off and after the games have finished.

Though no official prices have been released by Fifa, The Mirror analysed drinks prices in nearby hotels and discovered a bottle of beer costs between 39 rials (£9.40) and 55r (£13.30).

Meanwhile, a pint could set you back around 64 rials (£15.50), depending on the venue.

Gluten-free options might be even more spenny, as some hotels were discovered to be charging £17 for just under a pint of cider and more than £20 for a cocktail.

But, as said, ticket holders might be relieved to find that alcohol will be available at certain drinking zones at the event.

Alcohol will only be available in designated zones in the stadium.

Speaking to BBC Sport, the CEO of the Qatar World Cup, Nasser Al-Khater said: "We want people to come and have experiences they will never forget.

"While alcohol will be available to those who want a drink in designated areas, it will not be openly available on the streets.

"What we ask is that people, when they visit, stick to these designated areas.

"We are incredibly excited to be welcoming the world to Qatar and the Middle East and Arab world.

"For many people it will be their first opportunity to see and explore the region.

"It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are determined to use it to its fullest."

With a cost-of-living crisis in full swing, alcohol isn't the only financial aspect of the event to consider.

England fans will be in for an expensive trip.
Nikolay Vinokurov/Alamy Stock Photo

A study by The Punters Page has found that if England makes it as far as the quarter-finals, it’ll cost £19,867 to watch them in Qatar.

The prices were calculated using Emirates Holiday packages, while flights and accommodation prices were collated using Skyscanner and Airbnb. 

Food and drink prices were based on an estimation of an average fan’s consumption per day.

In short, it's looking like it'll be an expensive few months for ticket holders this year.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Andy Barton/Alamy Stock Photo

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