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Watch As Aussie Bloke Finds Deadly Snake Inside Fish

Watch As Aussie Bloke Finds Deadly Snake Inside Fish

As a fisherman, when you stick your rod in the water, you know that just about anything can come out on the other end of your line. On a good day, it might be a five-foot swordfish that could feed an entire rugby team. On a bad day, it's nothing at all.

You have to be ready for anything - but even so, it's safe to say that the fisherman that pulled a fish out of the water to find that it had a live snake in its mouth was caught by surprise. Watch the amazing footage here:

So now that you know that a fisherman has managed to catch a snake inside a fish, you probably don't need telling that the incident took place in Australia.


If there is any weird wildlife story, any video featuring a bloke finding a dangerous animal by accident, any inkling of mad animal behaviour on film, then it is almost certainly going to emanate from Down Under.

It's just the rules of the Internet.


This clip was filmed in the Northern Territory - Melville Island in particular, just off the Australian mainland.

Andy Wharton, 44, was fishing there when he found the fish snake combo.

"This is a cod and it's got a snake in its mouth," he is heard to exclaim on discovery of the watery weirdness, before taking the snake from the jaws of the fish and throwing them both back into the water.

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"I've been fishing since I was six years old and fishing in Northern Australian waters since 1999 and I have never seen anything like this before," said Wharton to the Daily Mirror.


Deadly Brown Snake Slithers Through Plughole As Man Washes Dishes

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"The snake had only just been eaten as it was still partly moving despite having a big chunk of flesh out of its side.

"When I saw this unfolding I reached for the phone and thought it was worth recording. The reaction to this video has been unbelievable with over 9,000 views.

"The waters and country in Northern Australia is some of the most spectacular scenery and recreational fishing in the world.

"It's always a privilege to fish in the Northern Territory. Part of the attraction is that every day you head out on the water the adventures are limitless."


Well, if you define limitless as finding one deadly thing inside a disgusting thing, then limitless it is.

Ask any Australian as well, and they'll tell you that 90 percent of the crazy animal videos will come from two parts of Australia: either the Northern Territory, the home of the crocs and the greater part of the Outback, or Far North Queensland, where you'll find most of the rainforests with all the killer spiders and deadly snakes.


Sydney might get the occasional wallaby bouncing down the Harbour Bridge, Canberra might get the odd kangaroo stopping play at soccer matches, but for the murderous fauna, head north.

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