Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Dr Strange Fan Fiction And It Gets Weird

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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Dr Strange Fan Fiction And It Gets Weird

Benedict Cumberbatch reading Dr Strange fan fiction is the amazing video you didn't know you needed to see, but, trust me, you do.

Scouring the creepiest places on the Internet - fan fiction forums - the Avengers actor finds a bizarre story about the mystical sorcerer himself, Thor, a shower, a cracked iPhone screen and Hollywood actor Jack Black.

The story starts with him crying in the shower over an episode of My Little Pony and ends with actor Jack Black bursting through a window, asking Strange to jump on his guitar with him before they disappear to save the world. I hope Hollywood is listening, because this is the film we all need right now.


It's safe to assume that Benedict has read a fair few scripts in his time, but none so... interesting as this, I'll bet.

"'He then tried to walk back into his bathroom'," he reads. "'But he slipped and broke 47 ribs'... I didn't know I had that many.

"'He was over-acting actually, all he did was land on his naked butt'.

"You are now thinking of Dr Strange's naked butt. You're welcome."


Impressively, he manages to read most of this while keeping a straight face, although he does stop to sip his tea, of course.

The weirdest bit? Well, there are a lot of them here, but I think the fact Benedict can do such a spot-on impression of Jack Black has got to be up there. I did not see that coming.

Avengers: Infinity War is out in cinemas now.

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