Biker Gets Brutal Revenge On Rival Who Deliberately Bumped Into Him

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Biker Gets Brutal Revenge On Rival Who Deliberately Bumped Into Him

One of the great joys of sport is when the competitors go totally off-piste, injecting a slice of their personalities into the action.


Sports people these days are, by consensus, way too nice.

Our Olympians are clean cut, nice people who don't drink and dedicate themselves to their sports and focus on the next tournament.


Our footballers are media trained to within an inch of their lives, with post match press conferences a riot of cliches and over the moon, 100 percent giving, one day at a time taking it automatons.

In short, a lot of the fun has been taken out of the world of sports.

Unless it happens that you watch Indonesian motorbike racing, where there has been an act of sporting karma/complete brain meltdown for the ages.

It comes from the East Java Series V Championship Road Race, a short track motorcycle race in the Indonesian city of Bondowoso.


The riders are doing circuits of a short oval track when one of them, identified by local media as Dinas, elbows a fellow rider, M Hasan, off his bike and into the metal fencing that separates the crowd from the action.

Hasan, obviously, goes flying out of shot and the crowd go wild, clearly incensed by the obvious foul play. Usually in this situation, there is little recompense against the offender, but this was not a usual situation.

The downed rider dusts himself off, gets up and walks back into the centre of the track, carrying his helmet in one hand and then picking up a sandbag from the centre partition. He calmly waits for Dimas to make his way back around on the next lap.


Dimas, in fairness, sees him coming and attempts some evasive action, but to no avail: Hasan manages to sling the sandbag directly under his front wheel, catapulting his former assailant off his bike and into the same fencing that he himself was only moments before getting well acquainted with.

The crowd cheers, clearly happy that Dimas has got a nasty, retributive comeuppance.

"Due to the incident, both racers were immediately disqualified from the championship," said one of the race organisers, predictably.


Still, one suspects that it was already over for at least one of them anyway.

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