Dad Finds Hole Full Of Spiders And Does Exactly What You Shouldn't Do

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Dad Finds Hole Full Of Spiders And Does Exactly What You Shouldn't Do

Ever wondered what a ball of living spiders looks like? This dad did, so he pulled a load of them out of a wall to show his kids.



There are some things in life that should really just be taken as a given; 'You don't tug on Superman's cape', 'You don't spit into the wind', 'You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger' and 'You don't mess around with Jim' were the ones suggested by Jim Croce in the classic 70s country song.

But after watching that amazing/petrifying footage from the United States, you might well be able to add 'You don't pull a huge ball of living spiders out of a hole in the wall' to that list.


The video was uploaded to YouTube with the simple but effective title of 'Crazy Scary Spider Hole' - and boy, does it live up to that reputation.

The footage starts with some American kids so clean cut that they could be straight out of Brady Bunch central casting, facing towards a big old hole in a rock wall.

They are gazing into the dark gap in the rock with interest when an adult, who presumably should know better, takes over.

"I don't know why it's scary because they don't bite, right?" he says, before plunging his hand into the hole and pulling out what can only be described as a solid ball of spiders.


He drops them on the floor to much screams from the kids and, if I'm being honest, me sat at my computer watching the video.

"I don't know why it's scary because they don't bite, right?" - it's scary because its a solid ball of bloody spiders, Dad.


Daddy Long Legs - which is what the spiders in question appear to be, but it's hard to say given their collective spherical state - are relatively harmless, not that that really matters when literally thousands of them are being expunged from their home by a show-off American parent.

"Daddy Long Leg nest/cluster in a hole in a cliff. I never even touched the back of the hole - endless spider supply!" reads the caption on the YouTube video, with the vague air that an endless spider supply would be something positive.

The bloke added: "FOR THE RECORD- no spiders were hurt or killed. They quickly climbed back up the wall and eventually into their hole. I am not in the habit of harming animals but do enjoy teaching my kids about nature. So there."

Unfortunately, the comments are disabled for the video, so it isn't possible to tell the poster just how dim an idea it is to pull spiders from their homes and onto the floor, or just how gross the sight of that many spiders is to a) me specifically and b) just about everyone else in the known universe.


Still, it has 5 million views on YouTube, so the guy probably thinks that he's a celebrity now.

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