Elaborate 'Fornite' Rescue Mission Goes Hilariously Wrong

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Elaborate 'Fornite' Rescue Mission Goes Hilariously Wrong

Fancy yourself as a Fortnite pro? Then see what you think of this hilarious rescue mission gone wrong.

Cruising through the sky, YouTube gamer Muselk spots an enemy in the distance acting more than a little strange.

"Enemy spotted," he says, before noticing: "He was, like, driving his golf cart off the edge."


He kills the deranged golf cart driver and nears in to redeem the rewards for his arsenal.

That's when he spots another gamer at the bottom of the cliff.

Laughing to himself, Muselk says: "There's a guy down there. He must have been, like, fighting, and had, like, a fall."

Assuming the trapped gamer had fallen off the cliff in battle, with no mats left to save him, a concerned Muselk decides to take matters into his own hands and save the poor guy.


"Alright boys, he looks friendly," decides gamer Muselk. "We're going to execute a rescue mission. No man deserves to die alone on the side of the map."

Credit: Epic Games / @MrMuselk
Credit: Epic Games / @MrMuselk

"I hope God's watching right now," says Muselk, hoping his heroic quest would earn him some salvation when he reached the afterlife. Well, they do say he loves a trier...

What Muselk quickly realises is that it's not an issue with the mats at all - rather that the poor trapped soul had just exceeded the build limit.


So, in a lightbulb moment, Muselk realises that the man he killed before spotting the stranded guy was actually trying to help him by driving the golf cart over the edge of the cliff.

"Guys, I have a plan. Well, it's not really my plan because I think the other guy thought of the same thing," he says.

"That other guy was trying to save him too! We've got to drive the cart off the edge and then he [the stranded player] can bounce off the roof and use that to bounce on to our stairs."



Feeling confident, Muselk rushes up the stairs proclaiming: "Oh my god. If this isn't the most elaborate rescue mission I have ever executed then I don't know what is."

And so, he reaches the top, clambers into the golf cart and storms the edge of the cliff as though his life depends on it.

Tumbling to the ground, he shouts: "I'm coming for you boy, I'm coming for ya.

"Hold on, Musee's here..."


And then, just when you think he's about to save the day....

He crashes the golf cart smack bang into the stranded player, knocking him into the dangerous waters, where he meets his untimely demise.

Credit: Epic Games / @MrMuselk
Credit: Epic Games / @MrMuselk

What an absolute FAIL.

In a statement after the failed mission was uploaded to Twitter, Muselk said:

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, buddy.

Words by Megan Walsh

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games / @MrMuselk

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