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Naked Attraction Contestant Brings Dog To ‘Sniff Out’ Potential Date

Naked Attraction Contestant Brings Dog To ‘Sniff Out’ Potential Date

Naked Attraction is the dating show that pulls on our prude strings the most, as a singleton chooses a date from a lineup of six naked people.

It's about as explicit as you'll get in terms of British mainstream TV, but last night's episode took an even weirder turn when one of the contestants brought her dog along to sniff out a potential lover from the selection.

Yes, that's right - 30-year-old fashion designer Lea brought out her puppy pal Kush to quite literally give the dog a bone and sniff out three naked men and three naked women with the hopes it'd be able to sense an ideal match.

Lea explained: "My pride and joy is my son Kush, he's my baby. I'm looking for someone to come and make us into a little cute family.


"Me, you and the dog - let's cuddle."

Credit: Naked Attraction/Channel 4
Credit: Naked Attraction/Channel 4

To be fair to Lea, that does sound like an ideal setup. Cuddles and dogs are the foundation of a solid relationship.

But the acute humiliation of standing there starkers on national television and having a potential suitor judging every inch of your body can't feel great. Throw in the worry of a dog sniffing around your genitals and it sounds like an experience most would only have to endure during a cheese-fuelled nightmare.

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Many of the viewers agreed, with one taking to Twitter to exclaim: "Turned off #NakedAttraction. It's the opposite of sexy isn't it? Stubbly fandangos, piercings that make me clench my pelvic floor muscles, a dog being made to check out meat and two veg. I just can't do it any more."

Elsewhere, one viewer wrote, "It's not weird enough that you're on national telly staring at people's bits. You've brought your dog to stare at them too." While another stated, "This woman has bought of her dog on #nakedattraction and genuinely asking the dog what he thinks of a mans dick I literally can't. Where's the remote. Why am I watching this after #gogglebox."

It's like the TV show equivalent of leaving the dog in the room when you're trying to do the do - it's neither the time nor the place for furry friends to be sniffing around the place.


And apparently Kush's sixth sense didn't even work either, as Lea's date ended in disaster when her chosen suitor Greg went quiet. Probably because he was nervous she'd whip out the Kush-detector again.

That said, if you sign yourself up for a show like Naked Attraction, you've got to accept you're going to have a weird experience, dog or not.

Just check out what this former contestant said about being on the show...

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