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WATCH: Grim Close-Up Of Lice On A Woman's Eyelash

WATCH: Grim Close-Up Of Lice On A Woman's Eyelash

At some point in your life you will have come across lice, whether that's because they've infested you or they've infested someone you know.

There are plenty of types of lice but what we're going to concentrate on here is the Pediculosis capitis, that is in plain speak, head lice.

But they're not only found on the head and can actually spread to eyebrows and even eyelashes - they can spread that easily.

Anyway, what we have here is a close up of lice on a woman's eyelash and it's just a bit well... bleurgh.


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For anyone scared of lice, I'm just going to shit you up a little more now. Adult lice lay eggs wherever they find themselves and hatch 6-10 days later. IF not gotten rid of, all those eggs will repeat that process within 15 days.

Then you've got a real problem that needs sorting.

Stay clean out there, lads and ladies.

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