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Man who just lost his virginity aged 40 explains why he didn’t just hire someone

Man who just lost his virginity aged 40 explains why he didn’t just hire someone

He shared his experience of doing the deed for the first time on Reddit

Popping your cherry is a big deal for all of us, but perhaps no more so than for one man who just lost his virginity aged 40.

The average age to lose the 'Big V' in the UK is 17 years old, but one Reddit user waited until more than double the average to finally do the deed.

Now, he's opened up about his experience of being the real-life '40-year-old Virgin' and why he decided to wait so long.

Posting a new thread on the forum, the man, known as GuaranteeThin4918, wrote: "Just lost my virginity at 40 years's been a crazy 4 months...ask me anything!"

A man has opened up on Reddit after losing his virginity aged 40.
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When asked whether his first time was awkward, he responded: "Not awkward at all, especially once it was clear what we were doing....she was really into it, not sure if she reached orgasm..."

Others were curious why he'd decided to wait so long, or if it was even his choice.

He explained: "I struggle with the question if it was my choice or not. In the sense there's no religious or cultural reason why I'm a virgin.

The man has been dubbed the real-life 40-year-old virgin.

"Also I'm 6'3'', 230, well dressed, make decent money. I just feel like all my life I haven't had a consistent circle of people around me and I'm massively overworked.

"My life is kinda like Ed Norton's character in Fight Club, where there is nothing overly wrong with him just stuck in monotony of life, not sure how to move forward. I needed a massive jolt to restart my life, which happened..."

He also explained why, after so many years, he didn't just hire someone to take his virginity.

He was asked: "Couldn’t you just hire a lady of the night for $150 and solve your virginity problem like 15 years ago?"

He responded: "But that's cheating...and goes against my ego to not have it be hard..."

He also answered why he never hired someone to take his virginity.

And it seems that the sex was worth the wait, as he revealed: "Sex was wild as the women was in town for business, so my first time was also an affair.

"She liked that I'm a big physical guy, once she took her clothes off, everything clicked and we tore up the hotel room..."

But, while he seemed to really enjoy getting down and dirty, the man is yet to do it a second time.

We can only wonder whether it'll take another 40 years.

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