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What Does ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Mean On Instagram?

What Does ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Mean On Instagram?

The beef between Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk has sent a new phrase trending.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

If you've been on Instagram recently, you might have noticed the phrase 'nah he tweakin' popping up in the comments. Well, we're here to explain what it means.

It all actually began on Twitter with a comment US rapper Lil Nas X made to pro US skateboarder Tony Hawk during a bit of a social media feud.

And then, like anything on the internet, the phrase "nah he tweakin" was adopted by the masses and now appears to be everywhere on Instagram.

Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk beef

Earlier this year, Lil Nas X released his controversial 'Satan Shoes,' with New York company MSCHF, which contain a drop of human blood.

The shoes sold out after a minute of going online, but they received some major backlash and a lawsuit from Nike who said their trademark was infringed upon and as part of the settlement, the shoe was recalled.

Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes' were recalled as part of a settlement with Nike. (

Then, not long after the 'Old Town Road' rapper released his blood-infused shoes, Tony Hawk announced that he'll be releasing a limited edition range of 'Liquid Death' skateboards,' which are painted with some of his own blood.

For those who are squeamish, don't watch the video below, as it shows the process of Hawk having his blood drawn and then it being added into his new $500 skateboards.

But Hawk didn't receive the backlash that Lil Nas did, probably because of the whole trademark fiasco rather than the decision to add blood to the product, and Lil Nas reacted saying there were some 'double standards.'

The verified Twitter account Rap then tweeted about Tony Hawk's new boards and asked followers if they were "rockin with it." That's when Lil Nas replied to the tweet and said "nah he tweakin."

What does 'Nah he tweakin' mean?

"Tweakin" is a phrase often used in hip hop culture and it refers to somebody who's high on stimulants.

It's also been suggested that "tweakin" is used to describe somebody who's acting in an irrational way.

So we can imagine when Lil Nas used it in reference to Tony Hawk and his skateboards, he was essentially saying "he's got to be joking" or "he's crazy" or "he's high."

I guess we'll never know what Lil Nas meant for sure and interpretations vary, but at least now you know what fellow Instagrammers mean when they use the phrase.

Featured Image Credit: Canva/Instagram/@defnoodles

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