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82-Year-Old Releases Debut Love Song For His Wife

82-Year-Old Releases Debut Love Song For His Wife

Morton Block released his debut single on TikTok

82-year-old Morton Block has taken the internet by storm after releasing his debut single 'My Love' in tribute to the love for his wife.

Block wrote the song in 1958 and posted it to TikTok on 18 March with some help from his grandsons Matt and Jacob, who decided the world had to hear the touching tune.

The Philadelphia-based man's song is accompanied by clips of the pair's honeymoon in 1961 and quickly went viral. With over a million views and 431,000 likes, viewers everywhere were touched by the video.

"Overwhelmed by all the love for this song...THANK YOU", Block wrote on the post.

Text over the video reads: "Hard to put into words how incredible it is to drop my first single at 82 years old! Especially because I wrote this for my wife.

"This is 16mm footage from our honeymoon in Miami...1961."

The track left viewers touched.

Speaking to Newsweek, the musician revealed how he met his wife, Susan, when he was just 19.

Susan was 17 at the time and after a date in Atlantic City, Block was deployed to Europe.

While he knew he how he felt about Susan, he couldn't be sure how she was feeling as his ship sailed out to sea.

"I miss you more each day, since you've gone away, I long for your touch, I need you so much, my love," are the lyrics he wrote at the time.

Now, 64 years later, they have become a touching tribute to his love for his wife, with Matt and Jacob having founded a record label in 2017 after being inspired by their grandfather's love of music.

The pair together now.

Matt said of his grandfather: "We've always made music together, just the two of us at his house", explaining that the idea to record the song came when Matt was visiting home for the holidays.

Upon hearing the first recording, Block and his wife said they 'couldn't believe it', adding: "We would just sit and listen and realise who we were back then."

People similarly loved the song on TikTok, with users commenting to thank Block for sharing his incredible work.

"Sir, this song is legit. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's a gift," one user wrote.

"Thought this was a frank Sinatra song, this song is insanely good my man," said another.

Block responded to commenters thanking them and noting that while the song features his lyrics, a Jazz singer on TikTok named @bbjazziii is singing.

Featured Image Credit: @mortblock/TikTok

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