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Brits left triggered as Americans make video claiming to have invented legendary UK game

Brits left triggered as Americans make video claiming to have invented legendary UK game

Of all the things for them to steal, this one stings

A lot of us Brits may not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but if there’s something we can collectively get annoyed about, it tends to be to do with Americans.

From being baffled by their bizarre driving flex to their reactions to our common phrases, they’re often getting us riled up.

And now Brits are being left triggered after some Americans made a video claiming to have invented a legendary UK game.

A young woman took to TikTok to share how her ‘brothers created this game’. However, it quickly seems pretty familiar, even though they call it ‘kerb ball’.

Yep, kerb-ball. In case you’ve not guessed, that’s Americans thinking they invented kerby. The iconic kerby. The street game of all street games kerby. The British institution of kerby.

This one’s touched a nerve lads. Any Brit who grew up on an estate or residential, quiet street or even had a mate or cousin they’d go and visit on one probably played this at least once in their childhood.

You probably don’t even need it explaining to you, but kerby involved each standing on opposite sides of the road, trying to bounce the ball onto the kerb. Then, if you scored a ‘kerby’ you could step into the middle of the street to rack up some extra points by bouncing onto the kerb until you miss.

She says the lads created it. (TikTok/@maggieends)
She says the lads created it. (TikTok/@maggieends)

But then when you do miss, in some rules the opponent would have the chance to throw the ball actually at you until you get back - that’s definitely not included in the American version.

And of course, you’d get extra points for absolutely lobbing the ball over a car or your head and still hitting the kerb.

But in the video posted by user ‘@maggieend’ she claims her brother has ‘created’ the game, where they ‘stand on either side of the street and throw a ball over to try and hit the kerb’. And in their version, they get extra points if the ball ‘continues to bounce backwards’.

We'll stick to kerby, thanks. (TikTok/@maggieends)
We'll stick to kerby, thanks. (TikTok/@maggieends)

Brits were quick to rant on X that they ‘were playing this over 50 years ago’, writing how ‘double kerby would blow her mind’.

One even joked: “Dear Gen Z. There's nothing you can do with a ball that hasn't been done before. As with much in life. Sorry.”

Many reminisced on how kerby was their ‘childhood’ as another wrote how: “America losing to the UK again and again.”

“Kirby is older than America,” someone else joked.

Well, long live the great kerby.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @maggieend

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