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Autopsy technician who’s seen it all shares the ‘worst ways someone can die’

Autopsy technician who’s seen it all shares the ‘worst ways someone can die’

A few causes came to mind for the autopsy technician

As morbid a topic as it is, it's just a fact that some ways to die are less terrible than others. And after seeing a whole range of causes of death, one autopsy technician has shared his thoughts on the worst way to go.

The technician, who goes by @big_led73 on TikTok, has racked up more than one million followers by sharing insights to his grisly job which involves examining people post-life.

He openly likens his job to a horror movie with the quote "I see dead people" on his profile, and discusses everything from removing the brain to potential spirits floating around the examination room.

The details about being an autopsy technician have sparked a lot of curiosity among viewers, so last week the TikToker responded to a commenter who asked what his thoughts were on 'the worst way to die'.

Obviously everyone has their own opinions on this - some people might think sleeping is a peaceful way to go, but that same notion might leave others terrified of ever closing their eyes.

The technician pointed out there are many different ways you can die.

For the autopsy tech, a few of things came to mind.

"There are several ways you can die - some are better than others, if there is a 'better than others'," he explained. Admittedly all of the different ways end up with the same general result, but a number of his suggestions certainly aren't ones to be desired.

He continued: "Homicide. If somebody does kill you, that's really bad. Plane crash, hit by a train, those are pretty bad. Drowning could be horrible, fire death would have to be super painful and take too long."

Just as a reminder, he's advising that you don't run across a train track while burning alive into a body of water where a murderer might be waiting for you.

While these are all awful ways to end your life, one cause of death proved to be the worst of the worst for the TikToker.

The autopsy technician shares lots of details about his job.

He continued: "Cancer. If you die from cancer it's got to be the worst death. I watched my mum die of cancer."

Many other TikTok users responded to the clip to share their own experiences with cancer and their opinions on the worst ways to die, with one person saying the deterioration they witnessed in a loved one with cancer was 'absolutely the worst thing [they've] witnessed'.

The post also sparked further questions about the technician's job, with one curious TikToker wondering if he's ever conducted an autopsy on someone who died in a plane crash.

He's yet to answer that particular question, but I'm sure he'll keep the insights coming.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@big_led73/cunaplus/Alamy Stock Photo

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