Delivery Driver LAD Saves The Day By Going The Extra Mile For Autistic Customer

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Delivery Driver LAD Saves The Day By Going The Extra Mile For Autistic Customer

A delivery driver has been commended after going the extra mile for a 10-year-old customer.

Dan Lawry, who works for Tesco, delivered some shopping to Adam George's home. Adam has autism and was reduced to tears after his favourite sour cream and onion Pringles were substituted for cheese and onion ones.

Adam's mum, Rachel, 42, said that the incident was the 'straw that broke the camel's back' as he had been suffering from a lack of sleep following foot surgery five weeks ago. The little LAD sufferis from a neuromascular disease. Rachel said he requires a particular level of 'order and certainty' in his life.


Delivery driver Dan couldn't bear to see the ten-year-old in that state, so returned two hours later with the right flavour crisps.

Rachel explained: "It made his day. Adam was just really happy. He was just so much better after that.

"Dan the delivery driver just made my son feel important. It isn't just about the Pringles - Dan could see that this was a child suffering and he did something to stop it.

"Adam doesn't usually complain and he's always really happy when the delivery driver comes but this time he just burst into tears.


"Dan told me there had been a substitution and I just thought to myself, 'Please don't be the Pringles' because Adam is on the autistic spectrum so when he's expecting a particular thing it needs to happen.

"Adam had some complex foot surgery five weeks ago so he's recently been dealing with a high level of pain.

"When the delivery driver Dan got here, he was completely taken aback because he'd never seen Adam sad before."


But how about Dan, what did he have to say for himself? He said: "Luckily, Adam lives round the corner from my store so I could make the trip without being late for any of my other customers.

"He was so upset so I just wanted to make him smile.

"It's such a great feeling when we get things right for our customers. I could see a big smile stretching right across Adam's face. He was delighted."

What a legend.


Wayne Bennetts, the store manager of the Tesco, said: "My colleagues work hard to offer our customers great customer service and Dan is no exception.

"He's a real credit to Tesco and I'm delighted he was able to help our customer."

Fair play to you, Dan.

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