Disney+ Blocks Young Kids Watching Dumbo, Aristocats And Peter Pan Due To Harmful Stereotypes

Disney+ Blocks Young Kids Watching Dumbo, Aristocats And Peter Pan Due To Harmful Stereotypes

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Unbelievably Supportive Mum Takes Daughter's 'Stripper Career Change' Super Seriously

Unbelievably Supportive Mum Takes Daughter's 'Stripper Career Change' Super Seriously

The chances are that every single one of you reading this has received a shit gift. It's life. People assume they know you and your tastes and sometimes they get it wrong. Or (and probably more likely) it was really cheap and they felt like they had to buy you something.

However, the polite thing to do is to graciously accept said present and then just pop it in a cupboard somewhere. Out of sight, out of mind.

Or, if it's particularly hilarious, take a picture and pop it on Twitter where you could get thousands of likes. This is what Aissa Sencion decided to do.

She told her mum that she was going to drop out of university and become a stripper. Clearly a joke, but when you've got the most supportive mum in the world - nothing is just banter.


As you can see, her mum went out and bought her a very nice corset, hot pants and thigh-high boots along with a note that read: "I thought that this would be a great first outfit for the start of your wonderful career :)."

Either her mum's incredibly naive, she's being passive aggressive OR Aissa just found an outfit from her wardrobe and wrote the note herself to get re-tweets. But everything on the internet is real so that's a long-shot.

This got me thinking, what other gifts have people received that were completely wrong? I mean, I was once gifted a half-used make up palette and one of my own necklaces (thanks, mum) but surely there must be worse?


Luckily for me, there's a website called Neat.

Here's some of the best...

"Thanks, Grandma" - Krystal


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"I'm 13. My aunt got me a penis that grows in water...... I wonder what she thinks of me.... Uh - oh" - Julia

"My friend probably hates me as she gave me this horrible Disney Princess suitcase and Sleeping Beauty nightlight. I turned 24 this year and I'm male and not a fan of pink either. Needless to say, I re-gifted both the day after I got them. Next year I prefer cash or no gifts at all." - Ty


Want A Career Change? Why Not Become A Human Paintball Target?

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(Is it just me who thinks these are cool as fuck? Anyone?!)

"My eight-month-old son received these MC Hammer pants from the daycare for Children's Day. My first thought was KILL IT WITH FIRE!" - Nate

There's also a whole Reddit thread dedicated to shit gifts...


ainen: "I had mentioned to my uncle one year that I wished I could grow a beard like his. Come Christmas time my uncle hands me the present he got me. I unwrap it and what do you know...It's his beard in a Ziploc bag."

handikat: "A giftcard to a lingerie store from my grandma. The fucked up part wasn't the gift itself, but the fact that she made my poor 19 year old brother go in and buy it. As he told it, the conversation went something like this: Cashier: "shopping for your girlfriend?" Brother: "no, my sister...well my grandma..." Awkward silence..."

Sbo8890: "My grandma gave me bright red undies with googly eyes on them and an extra piece of black cloth to put your dick inside as the "nose"....I'm a girl."

kaodonnell: "Three years ago I got a shake weight Christmas morning. When I opened it my dad laughed and yelled "it's for practice when you get bored in the dorms" while making a jacking-off/handjob gesture in front of my grandparents.."

That half-used make up palette is starting to look pretty good now...

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