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Balenciaga Mocked For Selling A 'Tesco Carrier Bag' For Nearly £1,000

Balenciaga Mocked For Selling A 'Tesco Carrier Bag' For Nearly £1,000

The £925 Balenciaga bag looks almost exactly like an old Tesco bag

Fancy fashion house Balenciaga have become the subject of jokes after creating an unbelievably expensive bag that really looks like an old Tesco carrier bag.

Seriously, if they’ve never seen a Tesco bag then this is a wild coincidence, and if they’ve done it deliberately you have to ask what their purpose is?

The bag features the iconic blue stripes on a white background that everyone in the UK can recognise as the Tesco bag, and the logo is even in a similar place, it just bears the name of the fashion house rather than the supermarket chain.

The real surprise here is the price.

The Balenciaga bag.

OK, so the fact that a Balenciaga bag is expensive maybe isn’t exactly the biggest shock in the world, but the fact that something looking like this costs £925 and looks like something you can pick up for 10p in a supermarket will definitely take some aback.

Perhaps it’s made from the finest materials and crafted by experts, but it still looks like something you’d use to carry your shopping around in the 1980s.

Strangely enough, this isn’t even the first time that Balenciaga has attracted attention for releasing a product that looks like a shopping bag.

In 2017, they put out a blue bag that cost over £1,000 and looked almost identical to one of those big Ikea bags that you can get when buying flat-pack furniture and meatballs.

Here's the Ikea lookalike.

So, this Tesco lookalike is made with calfskin and has an inside pocket that zips closed and a snap closing mechanism.

It’s been released as part of their Spring 2022 collection and at £925, it’s definitely not a budget option.

At least you can say that about the humble Tesco carrier bag, even if that’s made out of plastic and has no inside pockets whatsoever.

Balenciaga have described their latest creation as a ‘modern interpretation of archetypal bag’.

The ‘archetypal’ bag, eh?

Tesco will be happy with that.

Anyway, the distinctive look hasn’t passed some folks online by.

One wrote: “Balenciaga charging £950 for an old Tesco bag.”

You have to admit, the similarities are uncanny.

Another said: “Balenciaga chargin 1K to make it look like I’m stompin doon to Big Tesco for my Sunday carry-oot”

A third person said: “Not Balenciaga ripping off the OG Tesco bag. They need to be stopped.”

Still, if you’ve got a healthy bank account and are given over to seriously strange nostalgic purchases, maybe this is the look for you.

At £925, this isn't for everyone, though.

LADbible has contacted Balenciaga for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Balenciaga

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