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Tourist's photo majorly backfires as he's left needing urgent medical attention

Tourist's photo majorly backfires as he's left needing urgent medical attention

People said he made a 'rookie' mistake

An Australian tourist’s prank photo majorly backfired as he was left needing urgent medical attention. 

Isaac Power had been visiting Bali in Indonesia, and like many travellers, he decided to make the most of his surroundings with a photo op. 

In a snap shared on the Facebook group Bali Bogans, which is dedicated to Aussies travelling in Bali, Isaac can be seen drinking water from a hosepipe.

The pipe is hanging over a statue above the pool at his rented villa, making it look as if the statue is pouring it directly into his mouth. 

Isaac Power made a 'rookie' mistake.
Facebook/Isaac Power

Does anyone else see the problem here? 

Sure enough, the photo was then followed up with another of the Brisbane man being treated by medical staff.

Alongside the snaps, he wrote: “Shout-out (to) doctor Ari, he’s still alive.”

Although there’s no news on what exactly Isaac suffered from, the Facebook community has a pretty good idea. 

“Good old Bali belly it’s def an experience, that’s for sure,” wrote one in response to the post. 

Another said, “Must be a first time rookie drinking that Bali water,” while a third added, “OMG you drank that ha… I guess we all go through it.”

A fourth quipped, “All fun and games until you s**t yourself.”

Fellow travellers said he had a case of Bali belly.
Facebook/Isaac Power

The Daily Telegraph reports that Isaac was nursed back to health by 'Dr Ari', a team of travelling medics who help tourists who have fallen ill.

One woman from Adelaide shared her own experience, saying her son was ‘violently ill for days’ after ingesting just a small amount of pool water. 

She wrote: “It was sad to watch. Dr said bacteria from the pool had done it… A few days later our pool was green.”

For those not in the know, Bali belly is caused by consuming water or food containing pathogens such as bacteria or viruses. 

Untreated water is a repeat offender, and can lead to all manner of symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting, aches and pains.

As said by travel insurance company Cover More: “If you are still experiencing symptoms after a few days, consider booking an appointment to see a medical professional.”

They also added that anyone with ‘blood or mucus in the diarrhoea, a high fever and significant abdominal pain’ should see a doctor immediately. 

It's best to stick to bottled water when you're travelling.

There are a number of measures listed on the site to avoid getting the illness, including only drinking bottled or filtered water while visiting the country. 

But ultimately you shouldn’t drink swimming pool water or water from a hosepipe no matter where you are in the world - sadly Isaac had to learn the hard way. 

Although at least he lived to tell the tale and has a funny photo to go with it.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Bali Bogans

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