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Boy who refused to eat anything other than crisps and chocolate would scream at other foods

Boy who refused to eat anything other than crisps and chocolate would scream at other foods

Rocco O'Brien had to see a hypnotherapist to help expand his palette.

A fussy young boy who refused to eat anything but chocolate and crisps can finally eat normally after being hypnotised.

Rocco O'Brien, from Ipswich, lived purely on a diet of Cadbury's chocolate bars, Nutella spread and Pringles salty crisps.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he’d wash everything down with a choccy milk.

Yes, really.

The eight-year-old would even become nauseous when given other foods.

When Rocco, who suffers from avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (AFRID), was asked to hold chicken nuggets or vegetables, his mother recalled he would break down in tears.


“We couldn't go to restaurants, he couldn't be in the same room as food. The smell, the look,” she said, as per the outlet.

“I used to open his hand and put pasta in it and he'd just scream like I'd put spiders in his hand.”

His mother, Heidi, knew she had to take extreme measures.

Heidi contacted hypnotherapist, David Kilmurry, who specialises in helping children with unusual eating habits.

After a couple of intensive sessions, Rocco has extended his palette to 10 foods.

Ms O’Brien admitted her son has always had a sensory processing disorder, making him fearful of food.

AFRID - a condition whereby children can only eat a handful of foods, leading to nutritional failure - was only recognised in 2013.

CreditL SWNS
CreditL SWNS

“He's got autism and a lot of autistic children have beige diets. This was way more,” she said.

Heidi visited several nutritionists to help her Rocco before he was diagnosed with AFRID, but revealed they were ‘awful’.

However, once the eight-year-old saw a dietician and psychologist, they both agreed the child was suffering from the condition.

After a couple of sessions with the hypnotist, Rocco began trying baby spinach, apple and pear; things his mother believed ‘he’d never try’.

He’s now trying crackers with different textures without squirming or crying.

Similarly, last year, nine-year-old Noah Young suffered from the same disorder, eating only beige foods and junk food.

Noah, too was cured by hypnosis and has since incorporated various vegetables and fruits into his diet.

“He’s tried 22 types of food now. It’s mainly fruit, but it’s really good progress,” his mother, Caroline explained.

“He’s massively pleased that he’s trying things. You can see he’s proud of himself and so he should be.”

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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