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British girl with rare uncombable hair syndrome is one of only 100 in world

British girl with rare uncombable hair syndrome is one of only 100 in world

Her unique hair has drew comparisons to Albert Einstein

A little girl with a rare hair condition thought to affect only 100 people worldwide has drawn in comparisons to Albert Einstein.

Three-year-old Layla Davis, from Great Blakenham in Suffolk, has an unruly mop of blonde hair which can't be tamed after being diagnosed with a condition, which makes her hair uncombable. See her mum chat about it back in 2022:

When Layla was born with jet black hair, mum Charlotte Davis, 30, had no clue anything was wrong.

However, when she was around four months old, Layla's hair started to fall out and grew back with a very different texture.

"It started to fall out when she was four or five months and when it grew back it grew fuzzy like a little duckling and then it started to grow unusual and people started to say to me her hair is different," Charlotte told ITV News.

Layla was born with jet black hair.
ITV News

After she and her husband Kevin made an appointment with trichologist, little Layla was diagnosed with the syndrome, also known as spun-glass syndrome.

It's believed it's caused by very rare genetic mutation and more commonly affects very young girls with blonde hair.

It's so rare it's thought only 100 people across the globe have been diagnosed, with experts explaining that cross sections of hair in those who have the condition are triangular or kidney-shaped, instead of oval like yours or mine.

Layla has an unruly mop.
ITV News

In some cases, the hair can improve with age and eventually revert back to normal - not that it bothers little Layla, whose apparently loves her hair and is known as 'Fluffy' by her mates.

Charlotte reveals that due to her condition, Layla's hair can't be washed too often and has to be handled with care.

The family decided to set up an Instagram account to raise awareness of the little-known condition and help those who also suffer from it.

Layla loves her unique hair.
ITV News

She explained: "Layla's instagram account has been a brilliant platform to educate people about the condition. It's so rare most people don't know about it - myself included before Layla got the condition.

"Lots of people do love her hair. She gets lots of lovely comments and I thought it'd be really nice to share that with the world.

"And then when she's older, she can look back at the comments and actually, you know, people do like my hair and it is a good thing to be proud of. I just want her to be proud of it. And then when she does get unkind, come in, she can brush it off."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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