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Brits confused by road sign that doesn't want you to look

Brits confused by road sign that doesn't want you to look

Nothing to see here, go about your business citizen

Some Brits have been left baffled over what a road sign is meant to mean when it's telling them to look away.

If you ever get the chance to head over to Winchester, you might find yourself at the point where Symonds Street meets the somewhat confusingly named Great Minster Street, and the slightly larger and more spacious, Little Minster Street.

When you get to this junction, cast your eyes around for a particularly aesthetically pleasing lamppost and you'll see bolted to it is a road sign telling you not to look at it.

This is the sign that's causing so much confusion, you can find it in Winchester.
Google Earth

The sign says 'no turning head', which is pretty much what you have to do to look at a sign - presumably everyone in Winchester has a really stiff neck.

It's left some people confused over what it's really supposed to mean, as a road sign that bans people from looking around would just be ridiculous.

Some Brits joked that it was a sign that there was 'nothing to see here', while others tried to puzzle out what it meant, as presumably it never came up on their theory test.

There are actually quite a few common road signs where Brits aren't confident on their meaning, but I think we can let the Great British public off for not knowing this one.

As for what the sign actually means, it's telling motorists that there's nowhere with enough space to easily turn around if they drive down the road. So, if you take that turning and realise it's the wrong way, you've basically got to follow it to the end.

On the bright side, it does take you through a nice part of Winchester, so as long as you can avoid clipping the parked cars or pedestrians, it could be a fairly pleasant detour.

Don't turn your head and look at this sign, it told you not to.
Google Earth

There are quite a few road signs which lots of motorists just don't understand the meaning of, and we're not talking about the ones who get sent on a speed awareness course for going too fast.

There are plenty of Brits on the roads who are convinced that their fellow motorists are confused as hell as to what some of the most basic signs mean.

Even when it comes to the sign telling people to mind the national speed limit, plenty just have no idea what they're doing.

For reference, it's 60mph on a single carriageway and 70mph on a dual carriageway, though perhaps it would simply be easier to replace those 'national speed limit' signs with ones which just said that.

Then there are other weird bits of stuff sticking out of signs like red triangles or so many signs bunched together that it looks like they all contradict each other.

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