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Brits Issued Warning Over Surge In Poisonous Snakes On UK Beaches

Brits Issued Warning Over Surge In Poisonous Snakes On UK Beaches

Warning issued to Brits after a scourge of poisonous snakes invade UK beaches.

Poisonous snakes weren't exactly what we had in mind for summer 2022, but now Brits have been warned to remain vigilant after a scourge were spotted on UK beaches.

Yep. It's bad news for holidaymakers and sun worshipers as the scaley reptiles have been spotted in Scotland, England and Wales.

You're new beach buddy, just don't get too close.
Gillian Pullinger / Alamy Stock Photo

So, what type of snakes are we talking about? Well, if you had the super scary adder on your summer 2022 bingo list, tick that bad boy off.

Yep, the poisonous snake with a distinct zig-zag pattern across its back has taken residence on the UK's beaches.

Now a warning's been issued amid a spike in snake sightings, with Bridgend Council member John Spanswick telling Wales Online: "The UK is home to both grass snakes and adders, and while only the adder is toxic, its bite is rarely fatal and can be easily treated. Most reported incidents involve dogs rather than humans, and in the vast majority of cases, a full recovery is made."

Sightings were made in west Wales.
Greg Balfour Evans/Alamy Stock Photo

The official went on to add: "Adders and grass snakes can often be seen at the side of rural paths, and can be identified by their distinct markings – adders have a zig-zag pattern running along their backs, while grass snakes have a distinctive yellow collar and two small black triangles just below their heads.

"The council and its partners have produced a handy guide called ‘Snakes of the Bridgend Coast’ to help people spot snakes and other reptiles within Bridgend County Borough, and which offers advice on what to do if you come across one."

Seek medical attention if you are bitten.
Gillian Pullinger/Alamy Stock Photo

And just in case you needed a reminder not to go near the poisonous reptile, the local representative issued a pretty foolproof final statement: "The best advice for anyone who encounters a snake while out and about is simply to leave them alone, and try not to disturb them.

"All British reptiles are protected under law, and the adder is a species that is considered to be particularly at risk."

While adder bites are rarely fatal, it's important to get treated as soon as you're bitten - so call 999 or head to A&E.

Also, if you're wearing any jewellery or a watch remove them from the bitten limb.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Biggins / Alamy Stock Photo / Carolyn Jenkins

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