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'Trembling' woman claims she woke up to boss at end of her bed after calling in sick

'Trembling' woman claims she woke up to boss at end of her bed after calling in sick

At first, she thought she was having a fever dream.

If you'd called in sick to work then later woke to find your boss standing at the edge of your bed, you'd presume you were having some sort of fever-induced hallucination.

Unfortunately for one woman, the nightmare scenario was all too real.

In a viral TikTok video, content creator Mish — who goes by the social media name @mishyymbabyy — shared the absolutely unhinged thing her boss did to get her to go to work.

In the short clip, which has been viewed more than 6.7 million times, Mish recreates the moment her boss woke her.

"When I called out of work and was sleeping peacefully but I woke up minutes later to my boss standing at the foot of my bed saying that he came to pick me up," text overlay reads.

Stunned viewers were quick to comment on the clip, with one user writing: "If you didn't invite him into your home, that's basically a crime. He had no right to be in your bedroom."

@mishyymbabyy shared the insane story of how her boss showed up at her house after she called in sick to work.

Another said: "The way I would have SUEDDDDDD," and a third added: "I need the entire story bc WHAT."

Shortly after, Mish posted a follow up video explaining exactly what happened and it's absolutely wild.

She explains that at the time she was working at a restaurant about 15 minutes away from her home, which she shared with a roommate.

"One morning I woke up and I was feeling like complete s***. I had a stomach bug and I decided to call out of work that day," she says.

After telling her boss that she wouldn't be going to work, Mish went back to bed and knowing that she was sick, her roommate went outside so the house would be quiet for her.

Thinking he would just be a few feet away, the roommate left the front door unlocked. And this is where things get crazy.

Mish woke up to her boss standing at the end of her bed saying he'll drive her to work.

A short while bit later, Mish’s boss arrived at the house and claimed to have knocked on the door. When no one answered, he tried opening the door, found that it was unlocked and walked right in.

He then walked around the house calling Mish's name and went upstairs when he didn't get a response.

"That’s when I woke up. And he’s standing at the foot of my bed, kind of waving at me like 'Hey, hey, I know that you called out, but maybe you just don’t wanna drive and I’ll drive you in and then you could still work,'" she recalls.

At first, Mish thought she must be dreaming but after coming to, told her boss that she wasn't going to work and he needed to leave, which he eventually did.

Talk about a lack of boundaries.

Mish ended up being fired a few weeks later, after she says she was falsely accused of egging the restaurant.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mishyymbabyy

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