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Keanu Reeves Lookalike Wins Compensation After His Profile Was Deactivated

Keanu Reeves Lookalike Wins Compensation After His Profile Was Deactivated

Seriously, look at his photos and tell us it's not a glitch in The Matrix.

A court has ruled in favour of a Keanu Reeves lookalike who had his Facebook account suspended.

We all have a celebrity lookalike, some are a real stretch but others are scarily accurate.

Well, Marcos Jeeves is the latter, and, honestly, what a great name for a celeb impersonator.

This is not Keanu Reeves.

Seriously, look at his photos and tell us it's not a glitch in The Matrix.

The uncanny comparison started when Jeeves was 17 years old, but he never considered making money from his looks until he lost his job on an oil tanker.

So, he switched the sea for the life of a celebrity (kind of) and he's making a comfortable living looking like Reeves, using his Facebook page to garner professional gigs.

So, he, and we imagine a host of Reeves fans, were left pretty upset when suddenly his page was suspended.

We're wondering whether there's been a glitch in the Matrix.

However, Jeeves, showing all the determination of Reeves in Blade Runner, decided to fight back.

He filed a lawsuit against Facebook two years ago and on 29 June the Justice of Rio de Janeiro ruled in favour of Jeeves.

Facebook was ordered to reactivate his account within five days and to pay the man 5,000 BRL (£770).

Moreover, if Jeeves' page isn't reactivated within five days, Facebook will have to pay a cool 200 BRL (£31) a day.

Hey, something is better than nothing.

Jeeves also spoke out about his hard-earned win, saying: "It's been two years of fighting. As soon as I was recognised as a lookalike, Facebook removed my profile in less than three months.

The court ruled in favour of Jeeves.

"But there were fake profiles pretending to be me that even asked for money from fans and remained online."

He went on to explain how the suspension impacted him from a financial perspective: "At that time, I didn't have advice and I was looking for work through messages, and when I lost the profile, I lost my contacts."

Jeeves also announced the news to Instagram, where fans poured in with support.

One wrote: "OMG. Congratulations baby."

While a second said: "Yes baby! Good for you Jeeves! Glad for that."

Another added: "Yeeesss baby! U is a great maaaan hahaha"

We're beginning to wonder if Jeeves' fans all call him baby, or if these three commenters know him personally.

Still, the win meant a lot to Jeeves, who you can hopefully find on Facebook soon.

LADBible has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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